Piano keys


Rendered with Yafray.

Wow, nicely done. Very realistic. Something about the black keys, just something small seems to make them seem a teeny bit off. But wow. Thats nice. Nice composition too.

I reckon that it’s the specularity on the keys that makes them appear funky. I’ll look into that.

Sorry - Forgot to say, thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

I think Crititrozoz is right about the black keys: i ve checked on my piano and they stick higher than that above the white. Their “front” face (the vertical one facing the player) is sloped backwards more than that, and the top is narrower.
I think it would gain to be corrected, though maybe your particular model looks like what you modeled…
Apart from that, this is very nice indeed !
Well done !

Yeah i was thinking more of the specularity and shading of the keys, but i’m sure tilting them would help too. maybe even adding a chip of white off the ends of a white one with some wood underneat and a key farther back that wont go completely up. Just suggestions. again very good work.

I’m also curious to how you did the DOF. I haven’t been able to get that good of results with the defocus node.

Maybe Yafray’s internal DOF effect (which freezes my computer everytime…) ?

I used Yafray’s DoF, like Gwentiv says.

You know, I think it would be very informative if you got a real camera, plunked it down on a tripod, set up the shot as best you can, and took a good look at it.

I believe that you would find that the depth-of-field falls off much too quickly in this shot, and I suspect that you would also notice that the light does, or certainly could, do the same.

In a studio setup of a photo like this, I would be placing extreme importance upon the specular characteristics of the keys: of exactly what kind of light was reflecting off of the surface, what color-temperature the light would be at, and so on. Realize that when you are setting out to do a CG-equivalent of such a shot, your work will consciously or unconsciously be judged against the very best “real studio photo” of such a scene that the viewer’s imagination can recall.

Needless to say, “images.google.com” is a great source of reference images. Study them, closely.

I have to disagree, especially with the depth of field comment. Depth of field in photography is a function of the aperture size and can be set however you like in any setting as long as you have the right shutter speed to compensate. How it is set depends on what the photographer is trying to convey.

Very nicely done Jimmy. Realistic, pleasant image. However, it’s not a strong composition. Maybe needs a more defined subject, or it would work well as a graphic for some larger context (book on piano playing etc…)

As a piano player, I love it! I think that if you wanted to you could do a lot with this picture. You could keep it the way it is, or make it an older piano to give it more character, as crititrozoz suggested. Really old pianos (especially those with real ivory keys) have “dips” in the part of the key that is played. I agree with VorpalBlade that the DOF is fine. I can get the same effect with the “macro” function on a digital camera.

Jimmey can you give me the settings you used for DoF ?
I always get horrible grainy blur. You have a very small number for Aperture ?

To get rid of the crappyness of the blur, you have to manually set the number of AA passes. Here’s how that’s done:

The greater the number of samples taken for AA, the better the DoF will look. If you did 4 AA samples, and 4 AA passes, you get 16 samples. If you increase those numbers, the DoF will look better - But the render will take longer.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try to improve the texturing/materials in the scene sometime soon, to make it look a bit more - Used.

Very nice, simple render. I agree that the black keys need to be softened down a tad. But other than that, great work :slight_smile: