Piano Keys

Hello, this is my first time posting a finished project on Blender Artists. This is a image of piano keys.

This looks pretty good. The fact that some of the keys are lower than others is a nice touch. Looks like my piano downstairs that’s in bad need of repair. The little edge of the keys that extends on the right though looks like its a bit too sharp, giving the material some nasty artifacts. You can smooth it out with Shift-E or add a bevel modifier, should help.

Thanks alot :yes:

that is seriously awesom! and my statement has nothing to do with the fact that paino is my life…

Actually I remembered. The artifacts on the edges didn’t happen till I did DOF.

I also plan to make an animation with this.

This is really nice. The keys that are down make it look like a player piano. Great job!! Will look forward to the animation. :smiley:

Oh I see. Hmm… yeah Blender’s DOF isn’t the greatest.

Also, I am using shape keys to animate the keys. I tried adding motion blur but it didn’t work. Dos vector blur in the nodes set up only work with moving objects?

I started animating this and I realized the scene was rather bland. So I decided to model some extra stuff for the scene. I came up with the rest of the piano. All that is missing is the legs and wheels. This is the final render of that.

I am not sure how the rendering for the animation will go, (it takes 10 minutes for a frame) but I will try.

just a couple of crits, assuming this is a piano and not an electric contraption, the white keys should be deaper and the black keys aren’t simply cubical. they should taper toward the top…

Yeah, it is a good idea to get some good photo references of piano keys.

Thanks for the comments and crits.

Hi all, I just finished updating the scene. I just learned what not to do after adding subsurf: Never apply the subsurf unless you are absolutly sure that the model is right. Unfortunately on the previous model I applied the sub-surf modifier to the piano keys so they had to be re-modeled. After adding a few other changes as well I got this final result:

Let me know what you think :eyebrowlift:.