Piano Man


lol, lego karaoke!
good work on the lipsyncing.
camera work & lighting sets a good mood.
did you actually get Emotion out of a lego character?
or is it 3.30 am?

I LOVE that song. …sing us a song you’re the piano man…

And nice work!!

Cool.I think the modeling and animation was great. Very well performed.
However the lightning could have been better, and the movie itself gets a little ‘boring’ because nothing happens - apart from him singing.

anyway I liked your movie, good idea, and also good work with the limbs!

  • Lasphere

Lego is danish! Wuhaa!

Both, now that you mention it.

Good idea, nice lego movements. But I skipped around and noticed that it’s all the same- standing and singing. Not even playing the piano! So I watched a few seconds and stopped. Next time, somehow make it exciting and interesting.

I saw this when it was in WIP… I think your video needs something more, like I suggested before. I skipped most of it too, because it’s all just the same thing. It’s a great video because you did a good job but it needs action.

  1. comedy
  2. piano playing
  3. applause at the end/beginning
    Good work though!

yeaahhhhh it rocksss.