Piano room (new version)

Hi all!

I just finished my latest pic. It’s a (part of a) piano. I tried to simulate an evening atmosphere in an old room wich you can find in old country houses. Because of the subdivided (Catmull-Clark) half-tone keys this image contains more than 200.000 vertices.


Comments and hints are welcome!


Very cool

Piano wood is really naice, as well as keyboard.

I also like much the scene, with volumetric light, wallpaper and painting :slight_smile: Wish I had that painting in my home… would be enought to buy back blender’s sources and carry on foundation for long :smiley:

Plant by the window makes me less happy… it isn’t at the level of the other models.


That is a nice piece of work! I love it. great feel, etc.

My only problem is that the black keys seem to be up too high. Could be just the perspective though.


Hi Stefano!

Well, the plant … I found it on a web site for free download. I tried to model a plant but I failed. My other idea was to make a big clock (don’t know the English word but I’m sure you know what I mean :wink: ) or to use DoF. Regarding the clock: I’m sure I would reach the limit of RAM (only 192 megs) and when I use DoF, the whole background will be blured.


PS: if you’d have this painting, would you realy sell it to buy Blenders sources? :wink: [/quote]

Wow! The atmosphere is great. Very nice modelling on the piano (maybe bevel the Steinway letters slightly). I’m with Stefano about the plant. It looks like it is painted on the wall. I imagine you are losing some of the quality because of the JPEG compression though. Maybe a smaller but better quality image would help.

very good, however, the relfection on the white keys looks a little pixelated. turn up the clip size

Man, I can’t really find anything I dislike in it. I like the raised black keys too, they add dynamics to the picture. If you’re going for complete realism, lower them a bit, otherwise, Id leave them. The plant could be better, but it doesn’t really detract from the scene due to it being in the background.

Very nice work!



Very nice lighting and textures, the highlights on the piano keys looks like what I would expect them to look like, quite realistic. Great overall atmosphere.

Looks great!!!

You oughta re-render it with the white piano keys’ envmap(s) resolution set higher.

It’s great. If it were me, I’d take it into Photoshop (or GIMP, I guess) and add a little grain, play with the levels a bit. But really really nice. Just for fun, do another render with the Blender name and logo replacing Steinway & Sons…

That’s really nice!
But you need to spend more time practicing, the keys look like they’ve never been touched. :wink:

Well I’ll say this you really achieved an atmospheric quality…
Good work


i was expecting that!

the camera angle is awesome.
the pic blows me away.
i really dig it.

How did you make that sunshine? It’s not looks like a ordinary spot halo. Please tell me!

wow, nice render
the only problem I see is that the black keys are really high. they should be a lot lower to the white keys. (you would know why if you played the piano :wink: )

Hi folks!

Thanks for your comments and hints! I changed some things and I hope it looks more realistic now. I increased the cube-res on the white keys, lowerd the half-tone keys and I’ve done some minor changes.
Deks: you asked about the sunshine. Well, it’s nothing more than a volumetrical spot.


If i didn’t know better, I’d say you posted a real picture, not a render! great job.

the keys look fine from that perspective - you just can’t see the height of the white keys to balance them out. the plant does look rather flat but it’s in the background and behind the rays so it’s fine. great work - awesome mood here.

You really did catch a nice atmosphere! Good job! :slight_smile: