piano room

All modeling done in blender, this is my first try with yafaray I used photon mapping for rendering, I’m generally quite pleased with how it turned out. Comments and crits welcome.

Awesome and incredible detailed. :slight_smile:

Just one comment though. The rug looks odd to me.
It does not have any shadows from the piano, which it should get from the window.

I wish I could model like that. :wink:

Thanks cnikiel, you,re correct about the lighting I only used area lights covering the windows its something that i’ll work on moving forward. Its seems that I’ve lost some detail from the jpeg compression in the attachment here’s if anyone’s interested here is an imageshack version that is a little bit more crisp.

That is really good work. it looks really nice. Although i do agree with the rug issue. And a tiny issue with the shadow under the chair, it seems when it’s getting softer there’s quite a bit of noise. But it is a very minor issue. Good work

yeah, uhm, well…

i think you could make the floor less reflective, because now the shadows and reflections look very… odd.

but otherwise good modeling&texturing :slight_smile:

just to say something: i wish the chessboard had some strong spec in there… :wink:
Aweseome scene, well detailed.

uuuu i want a room like that for our piano…did you model the inside? :smiley: (I tried once, a long time ago, maybe i should see if i can do it now) Why is the piano chair turned 90 degrees??

Thanks for the comments guys, the only interior part of the piano modeled are the strut thingys? I don’t know anything about pianos I worked from some pics found on google, I had intended originally to model the inside but the poly count probably would have gone through the roof.
As far as the material settings are concerned I fully agree with the comments made I’ve always pretty much used the BI renderer and normally would do a lot of preview renders and continual tweaking, as i’m only beginning to work with yafaray im still having some difficulty getting things just as I would like. I’ve just started another interior project but I may go back once more and try and achieve a definative render of this scene. Thanks

Looks Real!

Man, this looks amazing. I love the lighting, the materials, the detail, everything.

But I can’t deny, when I looked at this scene, I thought of how AMAZING it would look rendered in Indigo. Indigo is to Yafray as Yafray is to Blender internal, if you get my meaning. :wink: