Piano Simulator

So yeah…I got the idea the other day to make sort of a piano sim. I’m sure it’s probably been done before but I’ve never seen it. Anyway I have a decent start so far. Tell me what you all think. Here’s a pic…

And here’s the blend…
Just press P to play of course…And the middle keyboard row is linked to the keys…The black keys animate but don’t play yet.

Very cool! You might want to use a better sound system for the sounds. And make a better model for the piano. I can surely help you on that.
I have AudaCity, so I can get rid of the noise :slight_smile:
Here it is. Sound without noise and plays well. Next I’ll make a wooden floor and wall.

Thanks for your help with the audio, it’s much cleaner now. And yeah I could have made some sort of scenery and stuff I just hadn’t got around to it yet. And if you noticed the arrow just ignore it for now…I was thinking of using them to show how to play songs and learn how to play piano…Maybe i"ll even add sheet music sometime and stuff.

hey dude long time no see!!!if you need any help you holler for me!!!

P.S.Nice game keep up the good luck!!

That is one seriously out of tune piano! :spin:

I’m workin’ on it.

Mayba you could incorporate some mathematical algorithms into this game =]

Put it inside a rocket ship!

I’ll retexture it now. I’ll make it light wood and I’ll change the model a bit.
It still has a bit of weird noise. Does anyone know how to change that?

(Still sounds the same)
If it doesn’t work

its not really in tune but it is fun. where did you get your sounds?

It’s one sound with different pitch property. I edited it from the one he supplied.

(Piano sim)
I’ll try tuning according to how that sounds.
The first key seems tuned.
I think there should be 1 more black and white keys.

The pitch shift approach will never sound like a real piano.
A good sampled piano will have all its notes sampled individually.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.
Here’s a difference in the old/new pianos, I kind of prefer the old ones’ sound.

You could make it play songs just like a player piano does, but using python, that could be saved on a file, and you could even record it. It could be pretty awesome. I can make menus, the recording script, textures, etc!

Wow…You guys are really having fun with this now. I’m glad I could get it started. There are a lot of things I was gonna eventually change and add to it but you guys got to it first. B3DO your piano is very nice. You’ve really cleaned this up nicely already. Hopefully we’ll get it in tune before long. Anyway I’m glad you guys are having fun with it.

Yeah. I already sort of learned to play one song :). We need to add 2 more keys and use the black ones.


Does anyone have a tuned piano and good microphone that could record sounds for us?

I may begin with the recording script now.

…another option would be to get it to output a MIDI signal. That way you just have to plug it in to a soft synth. (Just a suggestion)

Hey great idea, I used to play piano so I was about to play “i’m a little tea pot” only to notice one crucial mistake.
The piano should be centred on middle c.

I like it, get that tuned up and it will be pretty dandy.

About the tuning… Im not a Mac user so cannot test this but Macs have Garage Band so cant you record individual notes and convert it? I dont know really but that just came into mind