Piano Simulator

It would be cool to write a script to use a real midi piano, and just that as a visualizer to show the notes your hitting.

I have a keyboard so I can record sounds if you want.

It’s possible! PyGame supports Midi.
But it will not sound like a REAL piano :frowning:
I found this,

If you’re on linux or mac, AkhIL wrote a plugin that takes a MIDI signal from jack into blender.
I think it was called BPyJack or something…
Ah, here it is
…but I’m guessing you wouldn’t want this to be a linux/mac only thing.

Put it inside a rocket ship!
I agree. =P

PyGame supports Midi.
But it will not sound like a REAL piano :frowning:
But PyGame also supports mp3. It very easy to convert ogg or wav to mp3. Or perhaps you should just use ogg. =)

And I read a page that spoke bad of cheap synthesizers because of the keys, etc, so I guess we should make people able to play with a keyboard connected to their computers, and make a full sized piano.
With sounds like a real piano so it makes sense for people to use it :slight_smile:

Who owns a piano?

Does everything with you relate back to Myst?

I own 2 pianos. A Yamaha Grand piano (the big ones) and a Yamaha keyboard.

Nice! Can you record the grand piano?
I’m getting my first keyboard soon. The PSR-E203.
I’ll have to model a grand piano, because I guess they sound different from the vertical ones.

Found this :slight_smile:

We could use the same style here (with no numpad…), and even record and play songs, with the script I’m working on.

I own a piano but its not in tune enough for recording.
What about fruity loops? If anyone has that they can just record off it.

My piano hasn’t been tuned in a year, so it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

You’ll need to model a real grand piano, as the shape determines the strings length which determines the sound.

I’m away right now, but going back home tomorrow, If I find time I’ll record in the next few days. What should I use for recording? All I have is a video camera.

Yeah, I can just play the video while I record the sounds that play in the computer and split them, you’d just have to record it on a single video. You’d just have to wait until the sound fades out to play another note.

Looks SWEET! You could really make a good game from this, maybe customizable backgrounds (the scene other than the paino) and stuff.

You should do a guitar hero styled game.

why a guitor hero game has been done before.a paino game,at least i don’t think it has,has never been done before.

He means, like you play notes that are coming. I have a Yamaha keyboard now, with “YES 5” (Yamaha Education Suite 5 or something like that).
I can record the keys now by myself, although I don’t think it will sound as realistic… But it’s perfectly realistic for me.

o sorry i just thought he meant make this into a guitor hero game but stell i don’t think that would be cool any ways lol its to well yuo know been done before!

I have a MIDI keyboard, i could record the tones for you and save them separately as a MIDI or wav file or whatever format you prefer.

You don’t have to anymore, I have one also since yesterday.
the _creator, when will you learn to spell?