Piano tips:)

Hello, so this is to be my first official proper “scene”:yes:. I was planning on having a room with a piano and a stool etc etc:o. And well im still working on the piano. Any tips on how to make it better?. And how would i go about making the keys and applying textures.

It’s simple use cubes for keys, and yeah I doubt you know about the “e” key?? Extrude is a important tool. Use extrude to make your models you can copy your keys with the ctrl + d button. Good luck and experiment :smiley:

Ha cheers bro;) but that seems to be all that i know. E key, k key, cntrl r/d etcetc What other techniques can i use.:wink:

Do you need textures? I have a wood image texture generator. And check out blender-materials.org for materials. But the wood procedural ones are almost too complicated, and they almost always use nodes…

Apply this mahogany texture with some specular so it looks lacquered.

Yeah i do need some textures. I saw your wood-material on the site. One question though How do i use it:o? (noob question i know…Ive only been using images so far:no:…).


Also use SHIFT+E to create “creases” in edges. So some parts are rounded, while the seamed parts aren’t. I wish I had known about this one a long time ago (I only learned it recently).

As far as the model goes, you still need the base to hold the keys, the cover, and the music stand. Then pedals. In general, you need to make sure that it looks like a bunch of pieces of wood screwed together – because that’s what it is.

The array modifier is a useful tool to make parts of the piano. I used it for making the keys and making the long hinges. Another thing I found useful was to use separate objects for parts like the pedals and the keyboard.

Do you want a black or wood texture?

Hey there, you got any tutorials for using the array modifier?. So far i’ve only been using/learnt subsurf and mirror.

B3D00 Do you want a black or wood texture?

Ahh wood texture please:eyebrowlift:


Dont forget to use yer spec.
Ya used mahogany 'cause its whats used on some guitars, so it should be good for pianos too, an acustic guitar box is sorta like a pianos.