I like pianos:D
I’ve also not modelled anything in ages, so I thought I’d try a piano. So far I’ve got the keyboard done (it took a while:eek:):

There aren’t any materials yet, as you can see;)
The next step would be to work out what kind of piano I’m going to make:p Maybe just an upright, grand pianos are complicated…

Looks good man! No crits for now! good luck with the rest of it!

I’ve decided on what piano I’m modelling now, a Yamaha Clavinova CLP170PE:
It’s quite similar to the one I’ve got, but mine’s a more brown colour. It makes it easier to go and have a look at the thing I’m modelling anyway if I do my own one:yes:
I’ve started on the bit around the keyboard (the bit behind it with the buttons and the bit holding the keyboard itself), I’ll post images when I get somewhere:yes:

Added the sides, front and the beginnings of the buttons panel:

I’m not too sure about how to go about the next bit, so it might take a while:o

Looking good man! Still have no crits. Lol. This looks like it will be a cool render!

Thanks, good to know I’m not making any major mistakes yet:D
One more quick update for now then I’m going to sleep:)
I’ve added the top and bottom panels and music stand now (the music stand was particularly tricky;)):

I also added a little power light to the front panel:yes:
Next I’m going to add the side panels, which is what I was worrying about before - they need grooves in them for the lid to slide down, and it could be very tricky to get them right. Maybe I should model the lid first…

looks cool to me

More progress:

This time I’ve added the lid and side panels. You can’t really see from this image because of the lighting, but I’ve also cut the holes for the grooves into the side panels (and it was hard):slight_smile:
I just discovered the amazing powers of the autosmooth button this morning, so now it’s going to be much easier:D Next step is to add legs to it, which should be fairly easy:yes:

excellent project for learning. i myself have an older model if this piano in my other room, i’ll keep a lookout for this thread to help you along for more details.

if you ever choose to do a grand piano, i can help you with that too :slight_smile:

Thanks:) When I finish this I might actually make a grand as well, just for the fun of it:D
Anyways, I’ve done the bottom half of the piano now:

The holes for the pedals were fairly tricky to get right, especially the red lining (which you can almost make out in the picture, although it’s not red yet).

BTW if anyone knows where I could get an image of this type of piano’s button panel to use as a modelling reference that would be very helpful:yes: I searched Google but couldn’t find anything, and I can’t take a picture of mine as I don’t have a digital camera:(

Whaaat? you’re not even going to model the buttons and the display?! (layering mirror surfaces)…

Ok, ok, I know, overkill, very nice model thaugh.

No, I am:yes:
I’m just finding it hard getting a reference image for the buttons and stuff:(

Yea, you can see buttons in the picture at the top of the page but you can’t make them out enough to model them.

Yay, I found a reference pic:D

In the end I got it from an online version of the piano’s instruction manual:p It’s still got arrows pointing to it because I just screengrabbed it off the page that says what the buttons do, but it’s good enough to model from:yes: I think because it’s so complicated to model and texture I’m going to do it separately and then slap it on the model at the end;)

Wonderfull, i was about to make a piano muyself, if youd like some photo’s for texture or referance i could do some!

The main piano model is now finished:

The next thing to do would be the buttons panel:) I’ve partially started that now, but it’s going to be a meshy mess - umm, messy mesh:p

I started modelling the buttons this morning:

It’s taken a while though because the reference image gets very pixellated when I open it inside Blender:(

Looking really good so far. Can’t wait to see more. You’ve got talent man.

Looking really great! I have had no crits this whole WIP and still have none! Great job!

Doing great so far… in fact, it’s AMAZING! Can’t wait to see what the final render will look like… :eyebrowlift: