Hi guys!
I can’t stop blending!!!


I could be wrong, but this almost looks like it’s missing a leg. Still, looks great! You should do a bench to go with it :smiley:


I have to say, you are wrong… haha

I’m working on the inside of the piano… the bench is the very next thing!

Hi Guys!!
This is an Update!
Piano’s bench and pedals
I’m finishing the piano interior.
Give me some feedback please!!


Looks Ok. I have a baby grand and on the top, there are some hinges to flip up the different parts of the piano. The wheels also look a bit awkward. If you want, I can send you some reference images of it, of your choice. It’s not a Yamaha but I should give you an idea.

Thanks man! It will be cool!!

I don’t want to bother you though, there is a lot of reference images online… But well, every thing is welcome!

Your welcome. The main reason I asked was because it can be really nice to have the angle you want. So, any requests? I’m going to go and find my camera, I’ll send you a PM with some of the angles I think will be useful.

You are the boss!

any angle you think will be very useful!