Pic-a-Pix 3D

Finally I’m releasing my game for download, Its not complete, there is no ending, but I think that this is as far as I can go with it, it’s sad, but I will never be abble to finish it own my own.

Anyway, the game have 5 stages for you to play and its complete and almost bugless, I really hope you guys like it, I it took me more then a year to get to this results and I’m almost sactisfied with it.

I would like to thank all this community and some members in special that Martinsh, Manuel, C-106 Delta, Ndee(for the launcher), Monster, C.A.ligári, HG1, Dani, and probably lots of others that I forgot to mention.

I really hope that this .blend file helps out the new BGE users, its simple, but it may be a place to find some inspiration and knowledge, its not perfect, there are things that I could done better and more smartly, but still decent.

About the Game

First pic-a-pix 3D was made from scratch, but the idea is not totally original( at least not the puzzle), pic-a-pix or nanograms( you ll find lots of names for this type of game) are a japanese game where you have to paint some squares in order to create a image and there are tips of where to paint at the corners of the puzzle, you can know more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram

Ok about the 2d game now about the 3D, so I have a nintendo ds and I bough this game, picross 3D, and it s quite an addicting one, and I tought one day, am I abble to make sutch a cool game? then I start to work with this idea, and it started to grow and grow and I dont know exactly how, but now I have my game that is very close to picross 3D and anyone ll be abble to play even if they dont have a nintendo ds since I plan to lauch it to linux and mac, you could even tell that this is a fan game of that tittle. If you have a ds and want to play it or at least see what Im talking about see this link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9vjj0DoofA , I really recomend it, its very fun!

This game is almost 95% logic bricks, I used some few scripts to make it run better, some made by me and some others with the help of this comunity, but this game I can say its a great example of what logic bricks could do for usual users like the big majority of this comunity, its a matter of strenght of will and lots of hours thinking.

OBS: The winning menu was graphically bugged on the installer and I had to change it, but on the .blend link you can check the game working properly.

The game runs on blender 2.63.

When installing the game the insaller will allways install the game on C:, so if you dont have space on C: download the .blend and the blender 2.63 to run the game properly.

If you consider to expand the game, create new puzzles and stages to make it bigger, please contact me first before you do, I would love to help.

Download the game:


Download the .blend:


Related works of pap 3D:

Game images:


if its not finished why is it in the finished games section?

The game is really good. It took me a while to understand what was going on, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed. I loved the polished menu system, although every time I started a level, it came up with the options menu (with SSAO, Chromatic etc…). I never pressed anything to open the options menu, just popped up everytime.

Nice little soundtrack to go with the game (is this your music?). Especially went well with the hand drawn areas with the ‘stickman’. Installer worked perfectly, no hiccups there. Got a nice framerate. Nice use of shaders thoughout the game to ‘glue’ the aesthetics together.

I downloaded the game in the office and played it on the train journey home (~40 minutes) and the game kept me occupied the whole way. So thank you for making a normally dull journey, fun. You have some great projects to your name. With this game, I loved the story aspect of it. I really liked the scene with the dome interior with (what looked like) squares of paper hanging off the walls and roof. Had a lot of character to it. I would love to see a really story driven game from you. You have a nice sense of composition, pace and style that would work really well in an adventure type game, like ‘The Wolf Among Us’ or ‘Journey’.

Now some questions:

  • How long was the development time?
  • Any reason for mainly using logic bricks? (I didn’t open the blend, but I shudder to think of the noodle mess that the logic bricks caused. Felt like there was quite a lot of fairly complex logic going on, and with complex logic comes messy noodles :slight_smile:
  • The game feels 98% complete. Any reason why your not completing it? Even a simple ending would make a huge difference.
  • Did you encounter any problems during development?
  • Did you enjoy the whole development process?
  • What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Great work dude.

Thanks a lot, the musics are mine, just simple guitar plays that I made for the game.

About the options menu, I developed the game like that, it was an early mistake, and then it was too hard to change…

about your questions:

How long was the development time?

I took more than a year to complete this basis of the game, its indeed not complete because I don’t have time to work on it anymore.

Any reason for mainly using logic bricks? (I didn’t open the blend, but I shudder to think of the noodle mess that the logic bricks caused. Felt like there was quite a lot of fairly complex logic going on, and with complex logic comes messy noodles :slight_smile:

I know very few of python, and since blender had the logic bricks, I tried to make a game with them, its possible to achieve lots of things with logick bricks, and the new users can get a little bit of experience in game development with them, I allways tought about release this game for free and release the .blend as reference for new cammers.

The game feels 98% complete. Any reason why your not completing it? Even a simple ending would make a huge difference.

The game is almost done indeed, but I would have to make lots of new drawings and create new scenarios and puzzles, it would take at least one or two months of work to do that, and I have to focus on my job, otherwise I’m screwed.

Did you encounter any problems during development?

One big problem was the lack of python script skills, they are just essential to create a decent game, even my game having few scripts, the scripts I used where totally needed to create a smooth gameplay, thank god the comunitty helped me when I needed.

Other barrier was BGE, it was too buggy back then, I had several problems with blenderplayer, even on this release I had lots of problems with it.

Did you enjoy the whole development process?

I learned a lot with it, also had a terrible time period in my life with it, I really love this game beucase it was all I had in mind for a period of my life, kind of cursed me while it was saving me, I really dont regret a day.

About the Ice-cream, I don´t like ice-creams at all, but if I would pick one it would be chocolate!

If you open the blend file you can enter on the other paths, they are called, normal path, hard path and Oh mama path.

Thanks a lot!

I stoped its development, I would need lots of time to finish it.

I would like to get more feedback about this game, I had only one reply, it was a great one, but I would like to know if somebody else had played it.

Please give it a try.

Thanks a lot comunity!

leonn, the finished game section only has an average of one user, how can you expect any one to play your game? 99% of people posting here also have threads, and none of us spend time playing each others games because, and I will talk for myself, I am busy 24/7 making my own games that no one plays!

Yeah, you are right Eyeball, a somethimes you have luck that people try the games, somethimes not, but its really frustrating ain t it?

S-Faratopoulos, I saw your game and it look really cool, the logic looks like as its working good, congratulations! If you want to use anything of my game for your project be my guest, thanks for your reply!

Thanks for sharing !

Yeah, I loved the creation of this game, but also it took too long, I tought that it would be somehow usefull for this comunity, but I don’t think that it was, anyways, thanks for your comment Michelle!

leonnn, I must admit, I hope no one in this community wants to “use” my games for anything, lol, but you wont find many people playing games here unless they want to steal pieces of it which is one of my favourite rants! good luck though, but I suggest doing the ending and posting it on steam or spending a bit of money on marketing.

I just noticed something… are you running a 486? Bwhahaha that’s funny!

Eyeall I really can’t remember wich version I used, this project was really old, hehe.

The intro is crazy long and It’s kind of confusing but the audio is great and it looks intriguing.

Thanks qubodup, I don’t agree with it I think that you took the .blend and opened it on a newer blender, the intro can be cutted with esc or space if Im not mistaken, other than that there are animations that doesn’t appear on your video, that is why you think that it’s confusing I think.

If you want to see how it should look like, take a look at the video that I posted, you will see the difference there, also, if you want to use it on your channel be my guest, I think that it will be more close of what it looks like.

I can’t believe that I haven’t tried this before! It is such a good puzzle game. Though the camera does freak out sometimes.

I’ll just leave this here for anyone who is interested:

Thanks a lot for your review Kendrick, one tip is that you can zoom out the camera with the right mouse button.

This really means a ot to me!!