Pic missing from seq-ed tut

Hi, I’m doing the sequence editing tutorial from the blender site:


…and there’s an image missing - ‘Figure 25.32. Particle system settings’. As it’s name implies, this image contains the settings required in the particle systems tab - so it’s quite important. Anyone know where it’s gone?

BTW, the sequence editor is awesome. The cross-media functionality is mind boggling. Not only can I mix pre-rendered video, still images and blender scene files - I can use more than one scene file at once! don’t know of any other app which offers this function. “What’s it good for?” Well, I’m using it for ‘theif’ style cut scenes, using drawn illustration and 3d elements.

Try refreshing your browser, I can see the image just fine.

It may be that my work’s firewall is blocking that one image :((

Thanks for the reply - I’ll try it at home.