Hi ppl
I´´ve used picasa this year and I found out it´s a great software. I think it works like Blender, with a hardware-renderer interfase, scaling-rotating-editing etc is very fast even on low-range PC´s, you only need a 3D video card.
I import everything from my camera o Inet downloaded pics…works great.

The point is…Is anyone using it for editing renders?
I edit a lot of my renders in Picasa, because light, shadows, glow efects etc etc are very well balanced and you get awesome results in no time.
I even edited 89 frames in picasa (one by one, changing the setings step by step) for a solarized efect on a video, and it worked!

The only bad thing is that Picasa only exports in jpg´s and doesn´t import PNG correctly, and does not see alpha maps.

I anyone will try it, here´s a TIP: for editing a whole animation, render it in bmp´s, import them to picasa, and then edit the first frame as you like. Select this frame, got to edit/copy all efects and then select the others frames, go to edit/ paste al efects. Wait a few secends and see the result! te entire animation get exactly post-produced. Then select them all and export.

I was wondering…If Blender had a post production engine all embeded? Like the unified renderer…you can tweak them, ok, but it´s complicated and the results are not so great…Can anyone copy Picasa engine to Blender? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, but you ought to be able to build the solarize effects and stuff as plugins for the sequencer and control them with ipo curves as you’re used to.

blender’s sequencer is nice, could use a lot more effects though

that´s what I mean…effects in picasa seems to be simple to achieve, and it gets awesome results.
Just a thought…anyone want to program this stuff? :smiley: