Picasso (Citroen)

Hello! After a very long time of inactivity, I post something here again. I had to make a rendering assignment for Uni, and Blender just came so handy. As a user since 2.6, I must say I’m super impressed and happy with how Blender has evolved, it is now so powerful and delightful to use :slight_smile:

So here I bring another car; this time, the car I actually own (reality is often disappointing, huh). For those of you in Europe, I’m sure you will be quite familiar with it. The model is not perfect, but I used to try out new modelling techniques, and it was done in a very short time (a couple of days). Given that, I’m quite happy with the results, thus I’m sharing it with you guys :slight_smile:

They’re very simple renders, but I think quite effective. Hope you enjoy :smiley:


Technically it’s awesome, but I can’t say that I like it. :laughing:
Two days too?! That’s impressive.

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Thanks hahah, and yeah, the car is not the prettiest.The renders are also pretty basic and emotionless, so maybe that’s what’s not to like. But it was a uni assignment and we were given 1 week total to make a product render, so, that… xD


As a product render it’s perfect. Well done!


Thank you!