Pick a distro based on specs

I need linux for my laptop. It’s old. My bootleg 98 disk wont work on it. I need LINUX!

Here’s my specs:

  • 300 - 450mhz (or so) Pentium? PII? (I’m unsure…)
  • 64mb RAM
  • 2Gb Hard Drive
  • Onboard sound and graphics…
    So, it’s old. From like 2000 or 1999. The previous owner messed it up bad so I fdisk’d the drive. Now I don’t have an OS.


You could try Xubuntu, Puppy Linux, or Damn Small Linux. There’s probably others, but those are the ones that spring to mind.

I read someone on other forums state that they had great luck with PCLinux2007 on their Pentium II system.

XUBUNTU looks good…

Well using kernel 2.6 and all the other modern stuff, XUbuntu is still pretty heavy for 64MB RAM, Xfce alone will probably not safe the day. Also the HD will pretty much be full after installation. They strongly recommend at least 128MB and require 1.5GB free space, but if you can get hold of an additional RAM module (which would help you in any case even for super-slim distros) and can live with some additional storage like USB stick/external HD, it’s probably the most feature rich one of the mentioned ones.

At 300-450MHz it’s most likely a Pentium II (or Celeron) and should be able to use at least 256MB RAM, but 128MB would already be a huge step towards a smooth experience :slight_smile:
Low RAM is much worse than slow CPU for every day usage, especially since notebook HDs are slooooow with swapping, i fight with it everytime i use Ubuntu on my Notebook with 256MB RAM, since Ubuntu 7.10 it’s that bad that i really finally have to get a RAM upgrade now…

I’m gonna add a muuuuuch bigge haddive and an exta stick of 64mb of am (soy my _ key isn’t woking…dang…)