pick a weight animation

(drgci) #1

(XeroShadow) #2

Okay, this may be my personal opinion, but I think that if the weight was that heavy, it would take longer than 3 seconds to pick it up.

(Hammers) #3

Yeah, what XeroShadow said - a bit more time getting the weight up. Similar to your kicking animation, you could afford to extend the animation a bit to show the follow-through of the action too. After getting that weight up, there would probably be a bit of settling back. Keep at it though, it’s a good start. I’m having fun myself going over fundamentals at the moment.

(Vonzaku) #4

Not sure what to add but I’ve taken a look through your other animations and it looks as if you’re improving. The movements aren’t as stiff. Definitely agree with XeroShadow.

(Macser) #5

Yeah. I’d agree about the perceived weight. If you stretch out the last part of the sequence just a little, it should reinforce the idea that it’s something heavy. Assuming that’s what you’re going for.

One thing I’ve noticed myself, is the importance of momentum. It’s rare to see a motion switch direction or come to a halt precisely. It looks better if there’s a little “overshoot”, and then correction. After you’ve blocked in the animation, it’s the nuances that give it some realism, or character.

(drgci) #6

guys thank you all for the answers i will try to improve my skills in the future!