Pick Color issue with Cryptomatte showing same color for different materials


I am using material cryptomatte.
That mostly works fine for me but I found it uncomfortable one day.
As you all know, the pick color of Cryptomatte depends on the name of the material.
The problem is that sometimes Cryptomatte gives the same color for materials with different names.

Please see the attached example.
I deliberately renamed the material to reproduce the extreme case.
Notice that the pick colors of all six cubes in the Cryptomatte node are all white.
This is on the easy side.
Imagine a situation where you pick adjacent materials that are adjacent and have the same pick color in a much more complicated scene.
You can change the name of the material to avoid this, but I think it’s not a good idea to rename a material that’s named according to the rules that make sense for any project.

Is there any solution?
Has anyone else experienced this inconvenience?

Actually I just posted the same question. I am experiencing it for the first time as well.