Pick me a 3DS game :)

I only buy one every few months.

I absolutely ADORE Fantasy life, and 7th Dragon code vfd. I love action/strategy, and most of all character customization with in those genres.

here’s a list i’ve gathered of a few that seem interesting but let me know if you got something else ")

[] Final Fantasy explorers
[] Dbz Fusions
[] Persona Q shadow of labrinth
[] Snack World
[] Etrain mystery dungeon
[] Stella Glow
[] Monster Hunter Stories ?

I would recommend the Half-Life series if you haven’t played it already. Its definitely action/strategy and soooooooooooo good! Also portal 1 and 2, pretty much anything by Valve.

The Stanley Parable is really good too, its suppose to be a comedic game, but it feels very mysterious and the whole time I feel like something is going to jump out at me.

As for the games you have listed, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of any of those in specific, so… yeah.