Pick Up & Drop Weapons (Video Tutorial - Arsenal RSL)

Hey everyone!

I’ve made a video on how to pick up and drop weapons in the BGE! I’ll leave the video link below for those who are interested! :smiley:

I do upload several BGE tutorials a week, so if you want updates don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! :wink:

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How to pick up and drop weapons (No Python):

Do you have any gun guts yet?

I use something similar in wrectified, non_juggernaut, and Chaos emergency .

Gun guts?
I’m not really sure what you mean…

a system that you use for any weapon,

so you can copy a weapon, replace it’s graphics, and change a few properties and it’s the new gun. (I made 1 for Wrectitifed, non_juggernaut, and chaos emergency)

Note the gun near the end, and it’s list of properties,
they control what bullet to shoot, what ammo to use, how much impact, rechamber time, reload, what animation to play etc.

this way, you only have to make the 1 system, and all guns use it.