pick up objects

Is there a way to pick up objects in your level and throw them? Just like deus ex, they have a indicator around the object to tll that you can pick it up, then you hit the use button and it picks the object up and puts it in first person in your hands. then you hit use again and it throws it. Is this possible? If so, please point me in the right direction.

I don’t have much knowledge of the game engine, but I recently found out you can make parenting constraints, and keyframe the parental influence.

however constraints don’t work in the game engine

you would have to do what you ask in python

let’s see here
a ray sensor pointing at the object
a timer and a float property to check how long the object has been pointed at (as well as another property to store the object itself)
after a given amount of time passes pointing at that object start the indicator and animation (up to you how it looks/works)
and then, if the user clicks or whatever do what they want

so it would be a bit of work, but I wouldn’t call it impossible

Really?! Oh, not in the game engine… :frowning: