Pick your poison (the last post explains why I may just suck at art)


Convicted of serious criminal charges in the country of Lakthmenistan the prisoner is escorted to the room where his punishment awaits, he finds he’ll have to die but since the country was democratic he got to choose how he wanted to die. Pill, liquid, gas, needle, lava pit, or spikes.

Made in 2.42.

That reminds me of USA running all the secret prisons… I liked your previous works more, thats too… literal.

Seriosly… you just fire out something like 500 pics a day!!! If you could spend more than five minutes on each peice it maybe would be worth to crit!

Please… do something for real?

This took me about a little over 2 hours to do including rendering (which didn’t take up most of the time)

I also tweaked the lighting setup a few times too throughout to get the wanted effect.

I agree with Kothe, This shot is way too dark. It needs polishing. You should do a project and then polish it up over a couple of days. Two hours is not enough for a finished work

Getting it dark was one of the main intentions of this piece, altering the lighting so it’s dark enough that it looks dark, but light enough that you can see at least most of the detail looking close enough. At least on my monitor.

Getting it dark is alright as long as there is enough contrast to bring out things you wish the observer to see. I think you’ve simply adjusted brightness of the overall image somehow making it dull and flat. The textured background looks procedural, repetitive and too busy. It severely affects the entire scene and the objects seem to disappear into that background.

Try a subtle background, and maybe adjust your lighting setup to bring out the details and objects of the scene that relate to your theme.

There is no detail in your picture, you could put more effort in modelling of the pedistals. It’s hard to get how the backwall looks… (Is it a small hole at the downleft part, or is it like a pool of lava?) The lightning overall is realy terrible! Try adding a hard light from beneth the pillars, and get that contrast up!

Considering how I tweaked the lighting a couple of times to get it nice and dark and yet visible and get it the way I thought was decent, maybe I really do suck at art. Except for a few images that have somehow done well here and people liked, I probably have posted more images that people hated or said they found a bunch of flaws then any other member here or that I am one of the worst artists here in comparison to the timeframe I have used Blender and rate of improvement.

Not to mention I got into more art related trouble then any other member here.

I guess I should be sorry for even posting pieces here because you all know I can never get it up to very good quality all the time.

All I say is… and listen closely this time…
A good scene doesn’t take 2 hours to make. If your’e a newbie, you can’t make the things you want that quickly and if you’re a pro, you put more effort into your work… so… Put more time in your work, and maybe, you’ll get better?

cd: we are not going to feel bad for you. You are the one who posted this here and not in works in progress. Why not post it there, and have us help you. No Finished work should take two hours. Take a look at the gallery and ask those artists if it took them two hours to make. It didn’t I promise you that. Your picture has potential, How about you give us the the blender file so that we can see what you are trying to acheive.

Dude I have’nt posted any of my artwork on here in a loooooooooong time, it takes me quite a while to get the right look because I do sooooo many test renders to try and come as close to perfection as I can, I sometimes it takes so long to render one of my test renders that I sometimes have to just go to bed after I hit F12 (I should really try compositing). I do pretty well for someone who does’nt hardly ever venture into the node side of Blender.
So my suggestion would be to work on it longer, try using new techniques, I know it’s a pain to create, and I rarly do it, but try using a non-procedural texture, also try working on your object size relation.

If I can get results that I like in two hours then so be it two hours. I have tried seeing how this picture would look if it was brighter but it looked too cheery and bright to me considering what the picture is about.

For the record I have spent days of off and on work on some other images though.

First of all, lighting isn’t the only thing that may be a problem, it could be textures and materials or a combination of all.

Secondly, you’re just being lazy and you seem to give up early. Anything worth doing is not easy… I hope this isn’t a cliché.

Dude, I spent 6 - 8 weeks working on one tutorial; and that’s just the modelling part. When I posted in the WIP forum, people were pleased with the result and encouraged me to continue and when I posted in Finished Projects after modelling phase, I was asked to continue texturing the model. I have never seen you post any of your work in WIP forum or try a tutorial; have you even looked at any with regards to lighting setups and materials?

You don’t get the point. If you don’t show progress, at some point the members on this forum will stop commenting on your work entirely. They aren’t practicing their comments and criticism skills by posting in your threads. They are genuinely trying to help you. So, get with the program.

That seems to be the main problem…comments are not personal attacks and even if they were, why would give a damn about them? It is necessary to learn how to work with critique. To find a way not to completely ignore it but also to have some kind of stubborness to develop your own style and your own ideas.
I’ve told you that already in another thread and I’m doing it again.

If I were you, I’d now start a big project (meaning, one in which you have to learn and apply new techniques, which provides a challenge to your skills and knowledge), to learn patience, how to work with critique and to devote yourself to planning as well as detailing (detailing in modeling, texturing and lighting). Show the progress to other people to get advice and to see, what THEY would add. Then decide what YOU will do.

Geez…now, I’d say, get to work, don’t give up…I wish you all the best!