Picking color while texture painting in the 3D Window


Thank you in advance.

I am in the middle of a project and this is slowing me down a lot… I am amazed on how good the UV tools have got since last time I used them, but I am a bit stuck in 3D texture painting.

Is there a way to pick a color so that it takes the actual hex value of the color, I mean, the accurate color, not a slightly different one? Is as if it would be considering the opengl lighting or simply the phong shading, and picking the tint of color you actually see, not the color actually in the texture… I don’t know if this could be useful in some situation, but for painting the typical texture diffuse map, it does seems inconvenient to me… Maybe it exists as an option in preferences, but I was not able to find it, so, if any one knows, I will be more than grateful.

For me it’s perfectly ok to need to go to trigger a preference that is not default. Also, it would be lovely that one could push a key so that whilst pressed would toggle the cursor -or just its functionality- to work as a color picker, so to pick (left click) the color where the cursor is. Like in all 2D packages or 3D painting solutions. I mean, is not good for a practical work flow to go to the tools palete, click on the color quad, then click on the eyedropper tiny icon, then pick the color. And repeat all procedure to pick another color if you got it wrong, or because your work flow is paint, pick color, paint…

Before, it was right mouse button, but imo, if that gives problems, is perfectly ok to set a ctrl + click to pick color, or shift click, or any other key/combo… I’m using a wacom intuos pen, but that is no issue.(works pretty well in Blender)

These two things IMHO slow down quitethe painting act, at least in the 3D window… And the brushes feel/response, and painting over seams are improved to an state that I see them better than in many other softwares that I have handled for this… So, having these possibilities would make it round…

I’m really impressed with 2.69, maybe I did not use heavily any version since 2.4x and 2.5x, but it really is so much better now. Very good for production.


I think what you mean is the shadeless mode. Turn on Shadeless under material properties and let’s see if that what you mean.

Blender can do that already with the clone brush. With the brush activated, hold down Ctrl key and left click to place the 3d cursor to the desired location (color).

Some interesting videos that demonstrate blender texture paint (just in case you haven’t see them already):

Happy blending :slight_smile:


  • to pick a color, you just have to type S over the area you want to sample;
  • that will actually sample the color that you see in the viewport, including shanding. This has been fixed in the last google summer of code, we just have to wait till the branch is merged !

Ok. I am not sure, if this is what you really want.
You can always use Color Palettes in Blender Texture Painting.

Create or download Color Paletters of your liking (you can create some color palettes online too. In my picture, i am using GImp palettes) and load them in blender for usage.
You can also create your own color palettes, which is very easy in blender.

Thank you! The 3 of you :slight_smile: . Ok, I will see how I modify my work flow now that I know all this. Thanks again!

Ok, super cool. A mix of everything solves it for now. S key over the color sampled works great, picking the exact hex value, if I use shadeless mode :). Of course, I would prefer same accuracy with shading on, but that will happen with that branch merge :slight_smile: . I have it addressed for now thanks to your help. :slight_smile: And I will certainly try that palette load thing. (to be sincere, the color picking is what I am more in love with, now). ( Using Blender in commercial projects (would love to show, but strong NDA signed…:s ). It’s become quite cool to work with. :slight_smile: )