picking up item

How do I make it that when I pick up an item (I do that by ending the object) itt makes the number go up?
I have tried all the things I can think of.


In this setup, a collision with the property “Coin” sends a message to the coin it telling it to destroy itself, and adds 1 point to the score.

Tell me if you still need help!

I tried that exact same thing but I still cant get it to work.
could you maybe send a .blend file showing it?

Hmm, so how do you end the object? Probably when the coin collides with your character I’m guessing. So here R2Blend makes it so that when the character collides with the coin (you must add propery “Coin” in the coin object) it sends a message to destroy the coin.

R2Blend’s example should work fine for your question. Did you do it exactly as he had it there? Only thing I think you might not have done.

  1. Object coin must have ADD property Coin

Jason Lin

No obviously you don’t understand my question.
I wanna know how to add to the number not just make the coin dissapear

??? That’s where the Property Add +1 comes in. Setup everything according to what R2Blend has and the extra things that are needed, like the coin to collide with. Click the “D” next to the “score” property under ADD property. Everytime you collide into something that has the property coin, score should increment by 1. Make sure to click game and check Show debug properties on the top menu bar of blender.

Hmm, maybe you already know all this, and I’m just rambling like a madman. Maybe you just want to know how to display text in the game engine https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26128&highlight=display+text. Lol, maybe I’m still not sure what you’re asking. %| I tried.

Jason Lin

give your main player a property named “player”
and on the object you want to destroy have a
collision sensor for the property player into a and controller
into an edit object actuator set to end object

col “Player” ------------ And ----------- End Object

Can somebody please just send me a blend file of
an object that runs in tto object #2 and object number2
disappears and one is added to an integer


Left And Right Arrows to move the cube
colide with the spinning boxes to delete them
and add one point