Picking Up Python

Howdy folks,

I’m about to go on a vacation for a few weeks, so I figured I would show this while it was still relatively fresh. In the past few weeks I started posting to my hobby blog about trying to teach myself Python using the Blender API. Honestly I don’t really know whom this was written for exactly, but I wanted to try and keep an honest account of my real-life frustrations trying to learn a subject that has a (deserved) reputation for being confusing and repelling all but the most obstinate nerds.

So here you go, maybe it will give another poor beginner the courage to shove through the swamp of confusion, maybe it’ll give some Python/Blender teacher a better idea of what these idiots trying to learn look like. Feel free to leave me any writing critique, please do not try and solve any of the programming challenges I’m coming up against since the purpose is to follow what it looks like to stumble through problems (but if there is anything terrible about how the code is formatted, you can let me know). Whoever reads this, here it is: