Ok, ok, ok, I know Im freakin out, but the deadline is in a week and I need to know something REALLY IMPORTANT!!!

Ok, so you go to a portal, press space, and the camera changes to a stationary one looking at the computer screen while a overlay comes up. when you get done, you click “DONE!” and the overlay goes away, but I cant figure out how to make it go back to the moveable camera as soon as you press done, because the “when you press done” bricks are in the overlay layer!!!

please help.

(P.S. Im not stupid, of course Ive tried “Set Camera” and It dont work. I can even do a lil bit of python if neccessary…)

Make a script to change a global variable.

Overlay with done button run this on mouseclick sensor:

if not hasattr(GameLogic,"Done"): GameLogic.Done = False #initiate variable
GameLogic.Done = True #when the click sensor triggers script

Camera run this:

if not hasattr(GameLogic,"Done"): GameLogic.Done = False #initiate variable to ensure no errors
if GameLogic.Done == True: then activate the camera (addActiveActuator())

Mind you my scripts are extremely incomplete, they should just give you an idea of what is involved.

:confused: explain in a little bit more detail, please…thankoo

In order to explain in more detail, I need more information about your game.
Like what the sensors are named, what they do, what actuators, etc.

A posted blend would be best.

If that is not possible, please post screenies of all your logic.

You need not use python for this.
When “Done” is clicked you add an actuator to send a Message “ChangeCamera” or something like that.
In the Camera of the First scene add a Message sensor Connected to a SetCamera Actuator. That’s it . your done.

I forgot messages worked between scenes.

it does? they do??? PRAISE JESUS!!!

So did you manage to get it working?

Rotflol talk about contradicting statements

heheh M3ta I was waiting for someone to notice my bland humor… = )

Do they?

I don’t know, as I would use python anyway.

:wink: glad I culd help

ok. my messages wont work across scenes… Mr. Crunchy, I want to PM you the blend ( not packed, this is for a local contest) and will you PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!

Well mike if your msg don’t work between scenes may you should have told me
Here is like to a blend file(2.43) where msg works between scenes.
The problem is that msg don’t work between scenes only if you specify the OBJECT. If you specify only subject without any OBJECT then it will work perfectly well.