Picnic Scene

Hi guys, this is a picnic scene that I’ve been working on for 2 days. It’s an outdoors scene [obviously], and I’ve kind of run into a rut here.

Anyways, these are the objects I’ve modelled and I’m still going steady. :wink:

Apple :

Pear :

Coke :smiley: [Shaken, not stirred] :

Making the environment right now…
I’m open to any suggestions, criticism or anything else of the sort.

This is still a WIP and under-development.

-swaschan :ba:

Regarding the Coke, I’m having some troubles. You know how chilled Coca-Cola bottles are like, I’ve tried to map that on to the bottle using nodes.

However, the iOR messes everything up, I’ve got it set at 1.62 right now, which is the prerequisite for heavy glass.

Any ideas? And if I change the iOR to 1 or 1.1, where the effect isn’t that distinguishable, I lose the ability to use the textures and make it look like frosted glass. (which is mapped via the Roughness node on the Glass material)

Please refer to the picture above to see what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And oh, Ramadan Mubarak :smiley:

Node setup for the glass :


I’m working on the exterior scene now. Grass ftw!

What boycott? Will I be yelled at for commenting on this thread?

It all looks pretty nice so far except for a few things catching my attention.

The bump on the apple doesn’t look quite right (too strong?). It looks kind of like a concrete apple to me. The pear looks significantly better IMO but I think being in a more natural environment would really prove how realistic it is…Actually, I think a more natural lighting setup would benefit all of these props. The bounced light from the blue background just makes them look off, I believe.

The coke bottle, I can’t help you with. I’ve never rendered glass in cycles. Good luck.

The coke bottle in the last picture isn’t like it is in realiity. The glass is way to thick on the bottom. I would the more glass there is, the more distortion. I would like to see some more discoloration at the stem of the apple.

@Zeekar, sorry lol, got a bit edgy I guess. Constant failures in DeviantArt and here, but hey failures define success. Thank you.

@macktruck6666, : You don’t say :p. And yes, I will put some discoloration. Fact is, the apple texture I pulled off Google, whilst I handpainted the pear texture.


Fixed the coke. It was something to do with the mesh. You have to extrude inwards.

Preliminary Grass Render :

Cheers and hope to hear from you [need some ideas]