My newest WIP. Two sheep on a picnic, playing cards. The sheep are done except the eyes. The picnic items are half there, I also still need to a the grassy field and background. I’m still not entirely happy with the wool or the face of the sheep either.


C&C please.


That’s good.

Textures on the blanket and on the melon are a bit blurry, try to set Filter to 0.1 (in the texture panel).

I guess you already work on a background.

wow, thats cool! nice idea, i like stuff like this :smiley:
keep on

I want them to be in a big grassy field with dandilions and flowers etc. Blue skies in the background. However I’m having trouble with the grass. The particles give ok results, but not really what I’m looking for. Ive got some decent stuff but suggestions are welcome.