Picniced! (Project WIP)

This is first post. the reason this isn’t in focused critiques is i am planning to use it in a project. i am not sure about the materials and i have not done the eyes yet. this is the first character i have yet to do the villian. i’ll do the villian after i am done with pierre. no discrimination is intended. i am merely trying to make a 3d short with a French looking character. After both characters are rigged, i will start making the sets.


Can i get an opinion?

here is the blend and another pic

opinion please

His bulky neck and lack of shoulder definition are the only thing that I see as looking bad. Also a bit busy mesh, but not bad.

i will definitely work on it

here is another pic i modified the shirt because it looked like a cellmates shirt


I cannot see the .blend anymore. Could you please post a better pictures of the wireframe?

click the image for a larger version

i am starting to rig the character

before to rig it, you shale align the harms to the shoulders.

good blending

Thanks for the tip, Eddy! since this is my first time rigging a character. i will be a while till i actually have a finished rig. I have looked up rigging a whole lot of tutorials from Ludwig and Mancandy to Paul Caggegi and Rinky Rigging tutorial. I am need a fairly simple rig that is easily controllable yet will give good results. I am not on any time limit for this project. I also need the practice so I will make my own rig.

i would suggest making a quick stick figure or gingerbread man thingummy to practice rigging on first.
or duplicate the person, and move the duplicate to an unused layer, so you have a backup copy.

i will practice with a different model to practice rigging, skinning, and how i am going to do the constraints. With the actual model, i will work out the deformation issues unforeseen. Thanks spacetug!

I have redesigned Pierre to a different style and i am working on rigging even though i have not yet rigged pierre he is unfinished though


The basic plot for this is Pierre defends himself, Chloe, and a picnic basket against commando squirrels. I changed styles just so that i can keep it more consistent. This is going to be a short, clean comedy. I would appreciate some help with the commando squirrels because i don’t have any reference for them. I am still working on it. i will post more stuff i what i have now is commented on

It has been a while since i updated, but i’ve been working on this the whole time:Storyboarding, design for other characters, working on this model, and making a rig. I have not finished the rig or skinned it to the character. it is on the to-do list but here is finalized materials for pierre excapt for the shoes and maybe his shirt


Here is the unfinished rig for anyone who is curious enough to inspect, and no, it has not yet been attached to the character


Arm. for char…blend (270 KB)

Now i am going to concentrate on Chloe, finishing the rig, and then the squirrel and the sets. i have decided to do just one squirrel and modify the plot slightly. The squirrel grabs their lunch and they have to get it back.

I have made a camera rig, have fitted what i have got so far to the and am going to skin the character. I have not yet done the face rig.