Picoo z, micro helicopter

Anyone have a Picoo Z helicopter?

I got one yesterday, as it only became available in South Africa recently. I think they are quite cool. What propably makes it more cool is the fact that one has to figure out how to actually fly the thing. Unlike most other cheap rc toys, like cars and boats, which is straight forward to controll and bore me very quickly.

Does anyone here have any cool/usefull mods?

Here’s a nice video of a sea rescue, by a Picoo Z

I had one untill I ‘popped’ the battery and thus went straight to the bin.

The thing I hated about it is that there isn’t enough weight on the front to stabilize it, so moving forward is difficult and getting it to turn is impossible. The little foil stickers that come with it are not even ideal as weight.

I decided to stick a drawing pin on the font which made things fantastically perfect, also made it shoot like a rocket for forward driving. Is also the reason why the battery popped (i pierced it). If i ever get another, I’ll snip the pin & glue it instead, or use blue tack or something…

I’m intending to get a RC Car at some stage - the air’s a bit complicated for a land based creature such as I

Yeah, the little foil stickers are useless. I made a small paer wing, stuck at the bottom in front. That brings the tip down as the prop blows on it. It work without adding weight, but it also uses extra power, thus less batery life.
Now, I just twist the rotor to point slightly down, thus blowing the back up as it goes. Works pretty well now.
Since it only flies indoors, I don’t want it to go too fast, that always ends up into a wall…

Kbot, this little Heli is not complicated really, you just need to understand how it works. Its just got two channels.

My brother owns one. I think at first he taped small led weights on the chopper to balance it better. Though I think he can control it pretty steadily now even withot the extrat weight.