Pics included. Blender doesn't render my sword properly. Need help,

This is what I see in the 3d view window.

and this is what I see when I render.

i dont get it.

Just showing a screenshot like that is pretty useless to solve your problem so you’ll have to do some work yourself finding the problem. Have you any other objects that are hidden from view but still set to be rendered. Have you any modifiers that are set to do one thing in the view but something else when rendered. Have you set an object to show as wireframe in the 3d view ?

Uselss maybe if i posted a screenshot of a sandwich. Someone might recognize this problem through the screenshots–im sure that many here have come across this before.

I’m guessing you have objects hidden in the view, but they will still be rendered. Press ALT+H to find them. so you can delete them or move them to a different layer.

Yeah, if you’re going to be a dick about it, no one is going to help you. The info you provided is useless because there are maybe a dozen things that can cause this problem. You’re going to need to post a blend, or be a little more specific about what’s going on.

This is easy. Just go to your modifiers. (Or multires, whichever you are using.) And change the “Render” to whatever the “view” is.

Thanks for your help Sonic.