Picture Attached :: Where is the frame rate setting?

I think the scene frame-rate is now accessible in:

Properties editor > Render tab > Render Output section

To use BPY code that should also work at runtime to set the scene FPS values:

import bpy

bpy.context.scene.render.fps = 60.0
bpy.context.scene.render.fps_base = 60.0

Thank you lovely @RandomPanda.

Wait, no…it doesn’t work, setting the frame rate there to 24fps, if you check “Framerate and Profile”, during game play, you will see that it is still 60fps.


That cannot be the place to set the framerate then, so where is it ?
We are back to the original question.

The code/UI settings that I showed is for the Refresh Rate not Framerate.

To uncap your frame-rate you need to disable the Use Framerate setting in the Properties Editor.

To force a frame-rate value (if viable), change the FPS value in:

Sorry I have less screenshots this time, busy migrating my computer and do not exactly access to UPBGE.

Oh, it’s under the cone shape tab thingy !
Thank you !