Picture cloud

This is a free site to take a range of pictures, that you might have taken around an object, with a digital camera, and turns it into a 3D image.

this might be cool to make an example model come to life, without having to worry much about formats and scripts. just upload your rendered images and it’s arranged for you.


“a 3d image” eh?

looks more like a way to switch the image you see of an object, it doesn’t do anything spectacular at all.

[spectacular would be rebuilding the car [or whatever] and letting you see it from angles between those you took pictures at]

Hmm… yeah. This is like a low-quality version of the old quicktime panoramas. This doesn’t even try to interpolate between the pictures but just switches them forward or back.

I was going to say that it was still nice that there was something like this for free… but look at the privacy policy!:

Images uploaded to picturecloud.com 's servers, or affiliates servers become property of Picture Cloud. Images are subject to removal at any time upon discretion of Picture Cloud. Picture Cloud reserves the right to retain the images for as long as necessary and to distribute them at a later time without approval of the party responsible for the creation of the images unless special consent requested through an email inquiry

It sounds to me like anything you upload they now own and can do whatever they want with, so use discretion…