Picture created with Gimp? and Settings\pchatupoom\Desktop\p1.jpg

I see these pic in http://www.flickr.com
upload by thinkanguru
He named his pic gimp cloud and gimp nice

I want to know how to create with Gimp
Does anyone know how to make these pic?
I have Gimp 2.3.9 with window XP

pic 1 -http://www.flickr.com/photos/15283360@N00/136262864/

pic 2-


They may have been done using the ‘Flame’ plug-in:


I haven’t seen anything quite as structured as the the second one in Gimp, but getting results like the first one isn’t too hard. I’m sure the designer did a bit of work on the coloring.

Edit–>> On second look, it seems that the Flame filter wouldn’t be able to do the second picture. Something similar to the first picture is definitely possible though.

O.K.> I search Photoshop plug-in and see these free plug in name
Dragonfly > Sinedots in this Website

Artist name is philipz spoeth.

I think 2 pics create by Sinedots
because in Sinedots II the plugin has successfully been tested on Gimp
I will try.:slight_smile:

Let me know if you get this running. I’m having some trouble using it, but I’m on Linux. I’m curious to see if you have success.

Even more edits–> I can get Sinedots II running, but not Sinedots I. It simply looks like a Wine error, but I would still like to know what your experience is like.

For any Wine gurus out there, this is what is being thrown:

err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name “msctls_trackbar32”

I’m a newbie. I can’t describe in english.
I use PSPI in this link


describe how to use


I try with GIMP 2.3.9 It’s work very well.

or you can use irfanview software


It’s work well too.


Thank you for writing back. You answered my question whether it was a Wine error or not. PSPI is running perfectly on this box, so Wine it is.