Picture reproduce

A test to help me learning the Blender internal renderer.


Little update. The glass material in indirect light zone, doesn’t work to good in the moment.
Any tips?


Looks good. Very good indeed!
Keep on going!
I don’t see any major flaw in the glass material. What is your problem?

I don’t like the black areas in the glass.

Very nice… I like the glass, looks pretty real to me. Only thing I dont like is the wall texture. They look like they are made of noise :stuck_out_tongue: Looks better in the first shot with curtains IMHO

The “first shot” is the reference picture from where i’m making this model.

Very well done. to me it seems that you have to much ambient/reflected light… so the room is too lit… and the wall switches and outlet are to bright either in material or because of the lighting, but besides that very well done.