Picture the Wild - Environment

I want to share with you this stylized Environment Assets I created last semester for the student project “Picture the Wild”.
All Assets were built in Blender and textured, some textures are also made with Substance Painter & Designer.
I tried to orient myself on the Art Style of Firewatch.
If you want to see the Assets in the game, you can download it for free on Itch.io! Have fun :wink: https://s4g.itch.io/picture-the-wild


Everything is really beautiful and consistent and I have to say that the rocks are very nice, well done.
Did you model the trees manually or did you use an addon/external software ?

Thank you! :slight_smile: First I tried to create the trees with Tree.it. It’s a great open source software, but afterwards I modeled the trees manually. Just to have more control.

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