Picture views

ok, so i have been surfing google images for pictures on things i am modeling. thats good and all but when i need to find a front, side, back, or bottom view; i can never find them. is there any website or search engine someone knows of that show’s alot of these kind of pictures? or am i just going to have to go out and somehow get my hands on weapons and clothing in order to take those pictures so i can model them?

ps. i would rather not try to get my hands on weapons, i think people would frown upon that…

This is a good place to start. Some you have to pay for, but alot are free as well.


THANKS! this is simply one heck of an amazing website! if you, or anyone else comes accross another PLEASE let me know.

                                                      Thanks again GLakie,

By the way, IF ANYONE knows where to get in detail pictures of Clothing (military, civilian, ect…) please let me know, i am trying to fine front, side, back, bottom, and top views of clothing for my human models but i am having no luck, i try google images but they dont have all of the views of a certain particular clothing, and that blueprint.com website is awsome but it has nothing to do with clothing. can someone please help?

some times its worth checking videos online as they often have actors in different poses as they move about the scene. once you have a scene that you are happy that you have all the angles you need then download the video. you may need something like Realplayer to download the video off youtube, vimeo etc. then simply open the video in blender and render an image of the frame that shows the angle that you wish to model from. once you have the png/jpeg renders then you can simply delete the video as it is taking valuable .blend space on your hard drive and open the images as you would any other referenc image.

its a bit of work but a lot quicker than trying to match a certain jacket from all angles using google search!

Thanks Small Troll,

That accualy makes alot of sence! i appreciate your help, and if you do find anyother websites or search engines that also work please let me know.