Try setting the snowman on “set smooth”, and maybe add an image for the sky. The trunks of the trees aren’t attached to the green parts I think

but this is still a great render. and te sky is still a great surreal color. do not hate

He’s not ‘hating’, he’s giving you constructive criticism. Yes, this is a good first render, and yes it can certainly be improved.

okay he is giving me constructive crtiticssism and i appreaciate it and i apologize. but you do not have to jump in others buissnes tic tac nobody asked you. but thanks for realizing it is a awesome render and maybe it can be improved. but do not get dissapointed when i my comment on your work.
this was wooden dogs comment. not yours but i guess we are all fellow blender lovers here.
i apologize i got too upset but watch it. wooden dog i apologize buddy(sorry). tic tac tanks for reminding me we are all fellow blender lovers here. but mind your buisnes

Hmm, attitude problem?

And a render problem too if you ask me…

This makes absolutely no sense at all. I can understand if you are happy you managed something to create in Blender. But it’s not awesome. It has flaws. When you post here, expect people to give critisism. And when they do, you go on and tell them basically to shut up, because you already have made up your mind it’s “awesome” ??

Humbug I say.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think i’m sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. like Gremriel said, you post things here to be critiqued, not unconditionally loved :confused:

yeah, he should be happy to at least get some feedback…