Pictures of the Predator!!

A nurbs model I made of the predator.Hope you like it.


not bad atall!

Nice model! Could use some finer detail, but its great for non-closeup scenes!

Done in blender? or just rendered there? Please share a little about your tools and workflow.

Quite ugly, which I know that was the look you’re going for.

I think it’s well modeled, good job.

ill double that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Model.


I used Maya 5 for the Alien and Pred models.They were both done with all Maya procedural textures.(except for the bump map)I got inspired to do theese models after the AvP movie came out.

I don’t like his torso. It looks like you’ve place some sort of a weird (preadator ) skin color shirt on him. The body should be just like human, the netting part is a sort of a net shirt I think.

the mouth and eyes r UGLY to me

the eyes are good, but his mouth is too small and flat, you should make it bigger and more defined, I like the rest of the body though

i dont like the feet. it looks like a turtles’