Picturnaut HDR Compliation Problems


I have a series of photos taken at different exposures, and I would like to combine them into a single HDR or EXR file for lighting (not for a simple tone-mapped imaged). I am using a Mirror Ball (light probe) by the way.

HDR Shop did not work at all.

Picturenaut works with the ORIGINAL jpg’s that were taken. However, I am using a mirror ball, and from each image I cut a square, which was converting into a new image, a 32-bit TIFF in Gimp 2.9. Those images open perfectly, in Gimp.

However, Picturenaut will not load the TIFFs at all, even though it will load the original JPG images just fine. I cannot figure out why this would be. I even copied the EXIF data from the original JPGs in the appropriate sections to the TIFFs in case that was the issue. It did recognize an additional channel of information, but the compiled image was still garbage.

I have decided to try to convert the TIFFs back to plain ol’ 8-bit JPGs and try that. But for some reason, the TIFF which opens as a perfect square in GIMP, saves to the totally wrong width and height as a JPG. I have NEVER seen this before.

The only thing I can think is that when I look at the image metadata in Gimp it gives both image size (2816x2816 or something), but also show Width and Height RESOLUTION…and this resolution is not a square…it roughly matches the resolution of the image from which the TIFF was cut. (And I might add, I did not CROP the original image. I copied and pasted as new layers and new images because it was SO MUCH easier to get the first image correct, and then paste it as a new layer into the next image, lower opacity, line up image rather exactly, and then copy and paste from the full size layer into its own square image).

Now, what is really weird, is when I try to export each TIFF as a simple 8-bit JPG, the result is an image severe squashed in width and stretched in height, which is the exact opposite of the “Image Resolution” in the TIFF metadata (which I cannot change, by the way).

This is DRIVING ME NUTS. I have 3 HDR Lighting HDRs to make in this scene. There is a mix of light maps from three directions, and some minor in scene lighting. But it is a major part of making the scene look as it should. I have been hung up on this for days and google and the search engine haven’t turned anything up. Maybe I am searching for the wrong thing??

ANY advice would be appreciated. Is there a better sub-forum that might garner more help? I’m honestly at a loss.


P.S. Is there a way to follow specific threads without bookmarking and checking back periodically?