Pie Menu Editor 1.15.16


(tukor) #1623

Ok finally i solved my problem with the use of Stack Keys. I doubt there is a way to show different background color for the button depending in which state it is… but i can live without that :slight_smile:

(dpdp) #1624

You guys that are trying this out in 2.8…what build of blender are you using. 1.15.6 doesn’t work with anything I have downloaded from the October 15th nightly build up to last night’s build for windows 64 bit.

(anphung) #1625

I’m still on the Oct 10th build.
Just wait for the beta in 2,3 weeks. The new API should be done by then, roaoao can then release a new version.


Its working fine for me in latest 2.8 build version.


One more questions roaoao. How would you move between area types and space context in UV/Image editor? Trying to make a pie so I can go from any view to UVEdit even it View image was previously selected. For now I can only move to UV/Image editor and see what ever was already visible.

(roaoao) #1628

This code works for me in Property tab:


(roaoao) #1629

Check this example.

(roaoao) #1630

Looks like API for switching area types was changed. Try this in Command tab:

bpy.context.area.ui_type = 'IMAGE_EDITOR'; bpy.context.space_data.mode = 'UV'

(iceythe) #1631

There’s a hotfix in this thread which hasn’t been pushed to the PME download. Did you try this?


Thanks both worked perfectly. :slight_smile:


Can we export several elements in order to export more than one? Using shift it won’t let me select more.

(roaoao) #1634

Yes, you can export enabled items.

(anphung) #1635

Or assign a Tag to the ones you want to export and Export by Tag


I see the thing is that I have lots of disabled items I don’t want to export and doing it that way will be a mess. Didn’t know about the tagging thing will check that out now.


Thanks checking that now.


Those tags are amazing and I totally ignored them for years! :smiley: Thanks again man.

(anphung) #1639

Tags are pretty great. You can use them with Property items to toggle on off different items.
Examples: Changing what the hotkey Tweak LMB does
From Box Select to Slide & merge vertex:

From Box Select to Translate


Those are some Ninja Tweaks!. Will check that asap.

(tukor) #1641

1.15.6 not working for me in the last 2.80…
Working in the 2.80 i downloaded a month ago

Or is it only me?

(roaoao) #1642

Yep, it’s not working again.
Will release the fix today.
But please keep in mind that all add-ons can be broken at any time during the Blender 2.8 Alpha.