Pie Menu Editor 1.15.16


(Zimlorog) #1663

Looks like the latest version broke something, probably something to do with the Left Click support. The previous 2.8 version works fine.

(roaoao) #1664

Yep, that feature changes API. Try to install this fix.

(Zimlorog) #1665

Works perfectly, thank you!

(radi0n) #1666

It is possible to set the custom toolbart to be visible in “Toggle Maximize Area” ?

(roaoao) #1667

Where I can find this area?

(radi0n) #1668

When you press shift + space in the 3dviewport

is possible in 2.8 to create custom toolbars like in 2.79 (https://youtu.be/PB3wtlZ6AaM)

(roaoao) #1669

No, looks like maximized area doesn’t support area splitting.
But you can add custom widgets to the header.

Not yet, but I’m going to support them in Blender 2.8 Beta.

(anphung) #1670

Do you know if we will be able to add buttons to this bar at the top?

(roaoao) #1671

Yes, topbar uses python scripts. So we can customize it.
Will add some PME tool for this for 2.8 beta.

(iceythe) #1672

Your dedication to this addon is very inspiring. I would pay if you decided to charge for an upgrade to 2.8.

I feel sorry for those complaining about workflow and UI changes of Blender 2.8. Those issues are non-existant with PME.

(Leafar) #1673

Those issues are non-existant with PME.


(blend rend) #1674

Is this Bug?

When in toggel the Funktion Multiselect, the stack keys will not toggle.

(Bialy) #1675


thanks for really great addon! One question - how can I set up “Show whole scene transparent” toggle (X-Ray)?
I thought, something like this would work, but it’s not.



(roaoao) #1676

Hope this helps.
You are using this command:

open_menu("Tab Bar Commands", props(menu))

props() function returns the value of Tab Bar custom property. Which is enum property.
When multiselect is disabled, enum property stores a string value. Eg: ‘Assets’
When multiselect is enabled, it stores a set of string values. Eg: {‘Assets’, ‘Add’}

Try this instead:

[open_menu("Tab Bar Commands", value) for value in props(menu)]

(roaoao) #1677

Make sure that you use this code in Property tab and in 3DView area.

If you want to use this button in any area, you need to find 3DView area in your code (Blender 2.8+):

find_by(C.screen.areas, "ui_type", 'VIEW_3D').spaces.active.shading.show_xray

(blend rend) #1678

Is the same. Is not toggle on or off. so far I have used this command:

toggle_menu("Tab Bar Commands")

(roaoao) #1679

Please export and pm me your menus.

(Bialy) #1680

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

(radi0n) #1681

The script does not work with the latest version of Blender 2.80. Any chance for a fix?

(roaoao) #1682

Thanks, will try to fix asap.