Pie Menu Editor 1.15.18


(MatsuikoHiroka) #1804

hi again rao rao can you help me create a simple script
i want to create simple macro everytime i hit a hotkey it will rotate 90 degree ( UV ) but it doesnt seem to work .

(roaoao) #1805

Hi, try ..., axis=(0.0, 0.0, -1.0), ...

(MatsuikoHiroka) #1806

hi rao rao i manage to rotate it using this


but the problem is it goes modal after hitting the hotkey i need to click so i can confirm the rotation

any solution for this ? what i want is it will just automatically rotate 90 degree without the modal

(roaoao) #1807


bpy.ops.transform.rotate('EXEC_DEFAULT', True, value=1.5707963705062866)

(radi0n) #1808


in the newest blender build (c97c76c01c1d-win64) my top toolbar look like this:

(jordi) #1809

hi! seems active keying set is available panel, but it doesn’t appears in the pop-up

(JoseConseco) #1810

When I create custom pie menu entry type ‘Command’, eg. long one line script (it removes every second loop):
bpy.ops.mesh.loop_multi_select(ring=True); bpy.ops.mesh.select_nth(); bpy.ops.mesh.loop_multi_select(ring=False); bpy.ops.mesh.delete_edgeloop()
The undo works, but redo doesn’t. Would you be able, @roaoao to make it so that this custom command has support for undo then redo, like we can do with python operators by using:
bl_options = {"REGISTER","UNDO"}

(roaoao) #1811

Try to add undo positional argument - True, which adds a new undo/redo step:

... bpy.ops.mesh.delete_edgeloop(True)

(roaoao) #1812

Thanks, will try to fix.

(roaoao) #1813

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.11 fix 7

Fixes for Blender 2.8 Beta (PME 1.15.11)

Extract the files to scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor folder and restart Blender.

(roaoao) #1814

Hi, it works for me. Make sure that you have a keying set in your scene.

(obsurveyor) #1815

Just curious, when you post these, are you also updating the gumroad version?

(roaoao) #1816

Hi, these are small fixes. I don’t want to release new versions too often. Some users don’t like it.
Will release them tomorrow.

(obsurveyor) #1817

Thanks. Like I said, just curious. Let’s me know where I need to go if I’m looking for the latest for new installs, etc.

(roaoao) #1818

You can find them in this thread or wait 1~2 weeks for the release.
Note that these fixes are for Blender 2.8 Beta only. If you use PME in Blender 2.79 you can ignore them.

(roaoao) #1819

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.12

What’s New:

  • Blender 2.8 Beta Support

How to Update:

  • Backup your pie menus using Export button (optional).
  • Open User Preferences.
  • Go to the Add-Ons tab.
  • Click Install Add-on from File button, navigate to the file you downloaded and install it.
  • Restart Blender.

(Odec3D) #1820

Hello! pop-overs cannot be added yet to the latest version, can you confirm?


(roaoao) #1822

Yep, I’m still working on this feature. But…
You can add existing panels as a popover in slot editor.
To add existing panel as a popover from PME Panel Tools extract these files to scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor folder and restart Blender.

(radi0n) #1823

FYI: In latest build ‘Top toolbar’ is showing only preferences window not icons.

(CarlosSilva) #1824