Pie Menu Editor 1.15.18


(fjg3d) #1948

1.15.15 Error on install:

Edit: 1.15.16 install without issue.

(roaoao) #1949

Yes, I’ve tried this. Unfortunately some widgets crash Blender in this case.

(roaoao) #1950

Do you use some of these environment variables?


Is there a way to collapse entire modifiers stack in all selected objects with PME? Or it would need some more complex script?

(roaoao) #1952

Try something like this (Command tab):

[setattr(m, "show_expanded", False) for o in C.selected_objects if o.type == 'MESH' for m in o.modifiers]; tag_redraw(area='PROPERTIES')


This works fine, and indeed collapses the stack. I used a wrong naming though. What I meant was to APPLY all the modifiers :slight_smile: Sorry for misunderstanding - my mistake.

(roaoao) #1954

Almost the same:

[bpy.ops.object.modifier_apply(dict(object=o), apply_as='DATA', modifier=m.name) for o in C.selected_objects if o.type == 'MESH' for m in o.modifiers]; tag_redraw(area='PROPERTIES')


Thank you.
How cool is to be able to code such things… :slight_smile:

(Michael Weisheim Beresin) #1956

Thank you very much for this info and that you’ve been working on it! That would enrich blenders transform behavior a lot :grinning:

(Michael Knubben) #1957

@roaoao Can we get the ‘Click Drag’ and ‘Release’ modes of interaction without having to go into Blender’s Keymap? You’ve currently got ‘Press’ ‘Hold’ ‘Double Click’ and ‘Tweak’, but I don’t think it’s possible to get the others right now?

(roaoao) #1958

Click Drag mode is the same as Tweak mode, right? Or I missing something?
Will try to add them in one of the next version.

(Michael Knubben) #1959

I didn’t think so, but maybe you’re right! It’s new in 2.8, and enables stuff like getting a pie-menu only when you move your mouse-cursor while holding down the key. Like tab moving between edit and object mode, but holding it down and moving your mouse a certain number of pixels gives you the pie menu

(roaoao) #1960

Ok, I need to rename Tweak to Click Drag mode then.
Btw, where do you want to use Release mode? For which tool/hotkey?

(Michael Knubben) #1961

As in my example, I would use it on Tab to still be able to between edit and object mode, by just pressing. It could also function on O for the proportional toggle, Z for toggling wires on, and all of this without interfering with their pie-menus.

(StroBlend) #1962

Previously in 2.79 I was using this command to have my selection (in object mode or edit mode) that moves to the world origin. Any chance to have this useful command back to my 2.80 setup ?

loc = C.space_data.cursor_location.to_tuple(); C.space_data.cursor_location = (0, 0, 0); O.view3d.snap_selected_to_cursor(use_offset=True); C.space_data.cursor_location = loc

(roaoao) #1963

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.16

What’s New:

  • Bug Fixes

How to Update:

  • Backup your pie menus using Export button (optional).
  • Open User Preferences.
  • Go to the Add-Ons tab.
  • Click Install Add-on from File button, navigate to the file you downloaded and install it.
  • Restart Blender.

(roaoao) #1964

This is already possible. But please update the add-on to PME 1.15.16 first. It has some related fixes.

Here is an example (video):

  • Add a pie with Click Drag or Hold mode.
  • Change the hotkey (Tab)
  • Select the keymap (Object Non-modal) which is assigned to the action (Set Object Mode) you want to override

Default Tab action (Set Object Mode) should also be available in this case (when you release Tab key).

Note that you can add 2 pie menus by using both Click Drag and Hold modes.

(HokusPokus) #1965

Hi,Roaoao. i get this throwback error when installing the latest version of PME in Blender 2.80 Beta… previous version of PME worked fine. I tried to remove PME manually before installing but it throws the same error

While i’m at using the Dyntopo toggleswitch with PME but using it in PME doesn’t update the status of the “tickbox” in Blenders topbar menu it toggles ok… Is this possible to remedy?

EDIT: Weird, Now when i click Dyntopo toggleswitch in my PME menu the tickboxk in Blenders menu doesn’t change until i move the mousepointer over it. btw, i installed 1.15.12 again

(roaoao) #1966

Hi, @HokusPokus, thanks.
Looks like that the devs have added 1 extra argument to draw_filter function again.

Please try to open scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor/preferences.py file, uncomment 1013 and 1598 lines and restart Blender:

# draw_filter = draw_filter28 if is_28() else draw_filter27

What code do you use for this toggleswitch?

(HokusPokus) #1967

Cool beans!.. Yes, first tip commented 1012 and 1597 as they seem to double in 1013 and 1598 “else” statement and it works!. Thanks… ( Maybe it doesn’t matter if code is doubled in Python? so leaving 1012 and 1597 won’t do anything.

This is what i added to PME menu for Dyntopo now…


I suspect there needs to be some more code to this to work when the state is not specified?

I was using another type of codesnippet in 2.79 but that didn’t work at all.

For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8