Pie Menu Editor 1.15.19


(roaoao) #1825

New Python API changes.

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.12 fix 2

Fixes for Blender 2.8 Beta (PME 1.15.12)

Extract the files to scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor folder and restart Blender.

(radi0n) #1826

Still after fix2 ‘Top toolbar’ is showing only preferences window not icons.

(Odec3D) #1827

Hello, sorry to bother again, is there any way to have the pie menu open after clicking on any properties? I would like to be able to close the Pie only by clicking in the 3D view. Sometimes I want to switch rapidly between render modes or different options


(roaoao) #1828

Hi, looks like that this is possible in Blender 2.8 by using popovers in the pie.
I’m going to add an editor for custom popovers in PME 1.16.0

(radi0n) #1829

It is possible to create pie menus like this one? (with more buttons)


If not it is possible to add this feature?

(roaoao) #1830

Yes, add a new Popup Dialog and use it in Menu tab with Expand option.

(StroBlend) #1831

Hi I just tried the latest build and PME seems broken with it can you confirm ?

(roaoao) #1832

Hi, have you tried this fix? I’m going to release it tomorrow.

(StroBlend) #1833

Sorry I didn’t saw the fix it works perfectly now thanks

(aermartin) #1834

1_15_12 with the 1_15_12_fix2
Working in nightly build (2018-01-12)

I really need to stop downloading a new Blender 2.8 Beta build every day, if I am going to get something done in Blender :slight_smile: the API changes must have been hectic lately.

(roaoao) #1835

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.13

What’s New:

  • Blender 2.8 Beta Support

How to Update:

  • Backup your pie menus using Export button (optional).
  • Open User Preferences.
  • Go to the Add-Ons tab.
  • Click Install Add-on from File button, navigate to the file you downloaded and install it.
  • Restart Blender.

(mark3d) #1836

Hi roaoao …
u mean that your script is fully functional in Blender 2.8 Beta ?
I’m working with 4 other designers for the transition from max to blender and in this sense I would like to know if it will be necessary to buy 5 licenses or just one … it would not be a problem but it’s just to know

(roaoao) #1837

Hi, @mark3d,

Yes. but keep in mind that Blender 2.80 is still in beta stage. Let me know if you find any issue.


(mark3d) #1838

yep but we are doing a huge job …deadline around “June” but I want to bring myself forward and I buy your script right away … then the others … hope for that date Blender will be official
anyway you did a great job … congratulations
thanks … a lot !

(roaoao) #1839

Pie Menu Editor 1.15.13 fix 1

Fix for multi-column Regular Menus

Extract the files to scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor folder and restart Blender.


Guys how would you enable debug mode in 2.8? It seems I lost my personal shortcut.

Found the one I had.

(FrankieH) #1841

Hi Roaoao,
is it possible for me to make a menu that activates a command when I release the hotkey without moving the mouse away from the center.

The use case is to put a pie menu on tab to change between verts edges and faces while maintaining the default tab functionality of toggling between object and edit mode.

Thank you

(panosz) #1842

Hi Roaoao,
When I enable by tag a pie menu I use the overlay function to display info and instructions on 3d view screen for the status of the particular pie menu (if it is enabled or not). Overlay has a max duration of 50, I’m looking for a way to make this stay on 3d view screen until I enable some other pie menu. Is this possible?


(roaoao) #1843

Yes, add a Stack Key for the “Center” command with the same keymap and hotkey. And use Tweak or Hold hotkey mode for the pie.

(roaoao) #1844

This is not possible but I can add this feature in the next version.