Pie Menu Editor 1.15.5


(ToshiCG) #1562

I have a problem with my toolbar Top menu after updating to 1.15.5
Menus that should be in the center get squashed to the side for some reason.

(roaoao) #1563

Thanks, here is the fix (28.1 KB).
Copy this file to scripts/addons/pie_menu_editor folder and restrart Blender.

(ToshiCG) #1564

Thanks, it worked.

(Edtion) #1565

I don’t know if there’s a specific problem in one of my personal files but I always use the daily builds (master).
I updated it today (as well is this addon) and I have an error (only shows in console).

line #179-180, panel_utils.py

            tp = getattr(bpy.types, tp_name, None)
            if tp == panel_tp or not issubclass(tp, panel_tp) or \
unneccessary text

This works but the problem is the None part. You didn’t setup the rest of the code to work for if the result actually is None.

I have a blank property in bpy.types (idk how), and so tp returns None, then the rest of the code tries to use None like it exists.

For anyone curious, the result of this error is that you can’t set a context for any menu. So for example, a panel in the Properties window will either show in every page (Render/Material/Scene/Physics/etc), or none when it’s disabled.

quick fix to get it to work correctly:

            tp = getattr(bpy.types, tp_name, None)
            if not tp or tp == panel_tp or not issubclass(tp, panel_tp) or \

edit 1:
There’s also another problem, where hold-key commands don’t work correctly.
I have a menu to open when holding ctrl+C, and use the copy-attributes addon for pressing ctrl+C.

The PME hold-ctrl+C works but it does not run the regular ctrl+c press for the other addon.

edit 2:
fix for that as well:
line # 202-206 in operator_utils.py:

        ret = eval("bpy.ops.%s" % bl_idname)
        ret = None

get_rna seems to be replaced, so:

        ret = eval("bpy.ops.%s" % bl_idname)
        try: ret.get_rna()
        except: ret.get_rna_type()
        ret = None

(roaoao) #1566

Hi, yes, Python API can be changed at any time in daily builds.

Looks like copy-attributes addon uses Object keymap for the hotkey. So you need to select the same keymap.

Thanks for the fixes :+1: