Pie Menu Editor 1.15.9


(Rafael Coppola Defelippe) #1502

man i dont have a clue how I get there in that picture that you upload…sorry for that, its my firts week in blender and i never program…im lost…=(

(Julien Kaspar) #1503

I love that this addon is actively being supported for 2.8 :+1:
I do have problems though with adding anything from the 3D View header (like Overlay and Shading popups) to my pie menus. Copying the python commands don’t seem to work. I’m not sure if this got asked before but if anyone can help me out that would be great :slight_smile:

EDIT: Apparently it’s only for the options in the Shading popup. Anything that has the “bpy.data.screens[“Default”]” in the python command.


How does the new bpy.data.screens work? I am trying to put all the shading modes in a pie back.

(roaoao) #1505

Looks like Blender generates wrong python paths for overlay and shading properties. Use these paths:


(roaoao) #1506

You can find it here


Thanks a lot. Got it working now.

(Julien Kaspar) #1508

Thanks a lot roaoao!

(David Frank) #1509

Hi all,

Just wondering, is it possible to call wm.context_toggle in a menu item with Pie Menu Editor. I want to emulate what I can do with Blender Input key-binding. But it seems like the closest option I got is to use “Property”, which will toggle the true/false value just like wm.context_toggle, but using Property doesn’t allow me to customize menu icon for some reasons?

(EDIT: My observation wasn’t quite correct, bpy.context.space_data.viewport_shade can have custom icon, but bpy.types.ToolSettings.use_snap couldn’t, both work under property mode, but behave rather differently.)


(roaoao) #1510

You can call it in Command tab, eg:


Or use in Property tab:


If you want to use custom icon you need to use Custom tab:

operator(L, "wm.context_toggle", icon='CHECKBOX_HLT' if  C.tool_settings.use_proportional_edit_objects else 'CHECKBOX_DEHLT', data_path='tool_settings.use_proportional_edit_objects')

(David Frank) #1511

Ah thx, I was missing bpy.ops, no wonder why the panel doesn’t show up.

Great addon, save me a bunch of time modifying the menu script directly.

(by the way, using command mode did allow me to change icon, so perhaps it’s related to how bpy.types.ToolSettings.use_snap icon is determined in property mode)

(David Frank) #1512

Hi there,

Another quick question, if there is already a built-in menu, for example, INFO_MT_add, can I somehow load it as a hover menu?

I only managed to get bpy.ops.wm.call_menu(name='INFO_MT_add') work, which of course open another menu instead of making it a submenu.

(It’s possible to re-create the menu in pie menu editor, but it will take quite a lot of time.)

Thx again.

(roaoao) #1513

Use menu() function in Custom tab, eg:

L.menu('INFO_MT_add', text=slot, icon=icon, icon_value=icon_value)

(fjg3d) #1514

Hey what about simplifying the editor by re-using the filter icons (which show type and active/inactive all in one icon). Its a bit cleaner and saves space by removing the check boxes. just a thought…

(roaoao) #1515

Hi, yes, I think I can add this as an option.

(Jer Bot) #1516

First, I’ve loving this tool and am finally digging into some of the powerful features… like the modals!

However, on my first attempt at using this wonderful feature, I think I found a bug in 1.15.3 while in Weight Paint mode.

I created a pie menu item that toggles the property bpy.context.object.data.use_paint_mask_vertex
I reproduce the bug when I do the following steps:

  1. Disable this paint mask (toggling the button or setting property to “False” via pie menu).
  2. Switch to Edit mode (pressing TAB).
  3. Returning to Weight Paint mode by pressing TAB again.
  4. SO… here I turn the vertex paint mask back on using my newly created pie menu.
  5. Now, if I try to use the Levels tool under Tools -> Weight Tools, when I adjust the values that come up in the tool options (like Offset or Gain) then Blender automatically switches the paint mask off back off. This kills it for me, as now my isolated selection is disabled and the Levels tool is effecting the entire mesh.

In step 4, if I turn the vertex paint mask back on manually using the button (not a pie menu) this doesn’t create an issue.

Curious if this can be fixed, and (for my sanity & confidence) what the reason for this wacky issue is.

(roaoao) #1517

Thanks, looks like it’s a Blender’s issue. Will try to fix for Blender 2.8.
As a workaround, you can use wm.context_toggle operator in Command tab:


(Jer Bot) #1518

@roaoao , you’re the best! Thank you for the quick response, explanation (figured it was Blender) and workaround (which works!).

Man… this is heaven. No longer missing Maya’s "marking menu"s, and as a bonus, it’s a great way to get familiar with python in Blender.


(draguu) #1519

Hey man ,

i made few simple popup menus , but they are poping up at from middle , i want popup menu to popup just above the button ,

take a look at gif you will get an idea of what i am talking about

(roaoao) #1520

Hi, can’t reproduce.
What tab and code do you use for these buttons?

(servapunk) #1521

Hi; I am trying to use this addon on 2.8 but I am getting an error which tells me that I have to upgrade to 2.8 but I am already using the latest build. I tried to restart blender with the addon enabled but the problem remians with a label that says “upgrade to 2.8x required” Roaoao do you know why could this happen? thanks for your attention.

edit: none of the settings to create pie menus appers.