Pie Menu Editor 1.16.0

I brought Pie Menu about a week or so ago have there been updates since then. Does BM let you know when there are updates.

Ok. This is a tested Pie :slight_smile:test_pie_menus.json (3.0 KB)

Thanks @Nanomanpro, will try to fix

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Hi @JohnMarchant,
Yes it does. I’m using it for big updates.

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Thanks very much for that.

All those icon and still no Knife icon

My bad. You need to save/restore the layout:

lh.save(); row = lh.row(); row.scale_x = 0.5; row.scale_y = 0.5; draw_menu("My Popup Dialog"); lh.restore()

Will add some easier way to scale the popup in the next version.

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I’m trying to replicate Pitiwazou’s Sculpt Brush Pie Menu in your editor and everything was working great, but out of a sudden (I really don’t know exactly what “triggered” it) they stopped working. There are two brush pies, none of them work. The Brush from Custom Tab also stopped working, and now only shows a warning sign, llike in the image:

I’m attaching the file here, but if there’s a better way to report theis possible bug (or just me messing stuff up), please tell me.
my_pie_menus_sculpt.json (7.6 KB)

Thank you!

All menus works great for me. But I can’t find that Brush item. Are you sure you sent me the current version of your pies?

How to create button in pie menu to set value of ‘Edge Bevel Weight’ to 0 without dragging mouse?
Also the same question but with ‘Crease edges’.
I select creased edge and then i want to press a button to automatic set this edge to crease value 0.
It is possible with PME? Thanks!

The Mark Sharp/Seam have ‘Clear’ option to do that.

Set the Execution Context to Exec

Exec dont work. I try.

bpy.ops.transform.edge_bevelweight(‘EXEC_DEFAULT’, True, value=0.0)


With value of -1 it works! Thanks!

It is possible in PME to dynamically change size of vertex? Or create buttons with different sizes?

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I forgot how to assign PME to RMB. I assigned my PME main pie to RMB, but doesn’t work in viewport. Is there an second setting in prefs?


This is not the answer, just a comment

I was just thinking about this. I would be great to adjust the verts/handles on the fly from time to time. But I doubt PME could do this, seams more like a deeper system thing.

roaoao is a genius, so maybe he can do it? :smiley:

Try this code in Property tab:


Please export and pm me this pie.

Hi @roaoao

L.operator(“object.editmode_toggle”, text=“Object Mode” if C.mode == ‘OBJECT’ else “Edit Mode”, icon=‘OBJECT_DATAMODE’ if C.mode == ‘OBJECT’ else ‘EDITMODE_HLT’)

You wrote this for me some time ago. I was wondering if it would be easy enough for this to include draw/object mode for when grease pencil is selected. I couldn’t make it work with the default Context sensitive menu that comes with PME since it is limited to mesh,any, and none object (it would be great if items like greasepencil and lights were separate categories as well…

I got this problem when I create new regular menu and edit the menu items.
I can add new item but I can not move them or create spacer or labels.
I am using 1.15.22 in blender 2.79