Pie Menu Editor 1.16.0

thats it :slight_smile:

I used the “wrong” knife tool command.

many thanks again :kissing: :wink:

I am able to create an entry in the knife tool modal map … is it also possible to have it set to “panning” from within PME?

No, PME doesn’t support modal maps.

Alright, thanks. :slight_smile:

A pretty simple example of Modal Operators, but for me, it’s so fast and helpful.
Basically, that examples focus on workflow without any dialogs and pop-ups, just set values from viewport with shortcuts, especially helpful when you are working in fullscreen mode.

My shortcuts:
Focal Length — Ctrl + Alt + RMB
Rotate Studio Light — Shift + RMB (like in the Marmoset Toolbag and Substance Painter)

You can import them in the Pie Menu Editor, change shortcuts, setting up steps, etc.

roaoao, thanks for your addon and so fast updates. I think your addon also is the best training before start learning Python.

Focal Length.json (391 Bytes)
Rotate Studiolight.json (429 Bytes)


Max user here…
Is there a way to replicate the Shift-Drag on gizmos funtionality from Max to create new faces from edges?

Essentially, you hold the shift key pressed while dragging one of the move manipulator handles and instead of moving the edge, you pull out a new face from that edge.
Like so: https://youtu.be/VAjM3Phvr9I?t=247

I know there’s plenty of different ways to do that in Blender, but the way this works in Max has really grown on me by now…

pop up area crash A LOT with me, systematically when changing editor, am i alone with this ? is raorao aware of this ?
im not on newest build btw, is it resolve ?

*edit its simply not working at all, it crash blender systematically

Thanks, will try to fix.

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Thanks for sharing. Alt+Right click drag to rotate the light is awesome! One question how did you get the informations (verts, edges, faces count) in the viewport ?

I am using this addon https://gumroad.com/l/UznDL

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I did a Macro for that but without using a Gizmo.
Maybe you can adjust my Maccro to your need. :slight_smile:

ExtrudeEdge.json (779 Bytes)


Thanks that’s a better place to have these infos!

Changing the name of a workspace seems to make blender not want to switch to that workspace when using a pme pie menu. any idea if its a blender issue or pme?

What code do you use to switch workspaces in PME?

Just grabbing it from the Screen Layout menu when editing an item in the pie.

hey i also find another bug, its not as drastic as making me crash blender like the other bug report ( by the way is it just me ??) here he is :

im trying to create a tab in the N panel specific for the sculpt editor
unfortunately the panel context function is not working

->object mode work, i tried it, it work fine
->sculpt mode, nothing is happening
->mesh edit nothing is happening
->image/vertex/weight paint nothing is happening.

i dont know about other

is it a bug ? is it just me ? am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks, will be fixed in the next version.

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Nope, will try to fix for the next version.

Not sure. Maybe some of these contexts are not supported in Blender 2.8.
You can set it to Any Context and use your own condition in poll method. For example for sculpt mode:

return C.mode == 'SCULPT'

thanks for your support, buying this addon is really the best investment i did for blender ever, i customize my build to the bone, and witouth it id never started coding :pray:

Heya, I made a hidden tool panel for the ‘N’ Panel, but when I disable it, the items don’t come back like they did in 2.7. It works for the ‘T’ panel.