Pie Menu Editor 1.16.0

For mesh objects (object mode) you can use Obect non-modal keymap with this poll method:

return C.object and C.object.type in ('MESH',)

For mesh edit mode use Mesh keymap.

Works like a charm! Thank You roaoao!

Unfortunately, PME can’t achieve the same behavior for Select+Move tool.

Hello i have a small question about pie menu

in this small code, that i attribute in a simple macro operator

bpy.context.object.modifiers[len(bpy.context.object.modifiers)-1].width = 0.23

i change a bevel width value, is it possible that the value, instead of being fix, is interactive, depending of the cursor moving, or mousewheel rotation, exactly like doing a regular ctrl-b, you enter an interactive mode and the value change interactivly

is it possible to do so trough pie menu ?
or its way more complex ? if it is, any clue where to search and learn for this ?

Yes, you can add a modal operator for this tool and use it in your pie.
Here is an example. Import the file and select imported Bevel Modifier Modal in one of the pie menu slots (Menu tab).

  • MouseWheel +/- 0.01 width
  • ctrl+MouseWheel +/- 0.1 width
  • Space - apply modifier
  • Delete - remove modifier

Here is another example with subsurf modifier.


i didnt knew the pie menu had such high end abilities, im really impress with this, amazing job !

we also can edit the color, size of the font, that just the cherry on top

after few attempts, it seems that its impossible to rotate the viewport inside of the modal, is it true ?

You can disable Block UI option in modal advanced settings.

Is it possible for the buttons to adjust their size to their name?

I have fixed rows and buttons turn off.

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Blender should do this by default. But looks like it fails in some cases.
You can try to increase the width of the pie slot a little with this code (Custom tab):

L.scale_x = 1.01; draw_menu("My Popup Dialog")
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Thank You! It works!

The post checker would not let me post just “I LOVE PME” so I added all this

It is possible to assign keyboard shortcut to modal operator? For example Operator_subdivide i wan to assign to alt+2 ?

Sure, just choose the right keymap. Object Mode keymap should be ok I think.

OMG It is obvious! i have a brain fart!

Is it possible to

  1. Have a sticky key for snaps, like in Maya? I found it very annoying to have to decide which snap you want before you move an object and you can’t switch while doing the move. And snaps are inside a popup menu and it’s really inefficient.

  2. Origins in Blender are driving me insane. You have to place the cursor first then ask to place the origin at the cursor. I’d like to just make a pie menu that would snap the origin on the selected vertice, edge or face (center), maybe by doing a series of commands.

  3. I can’t find the way to make a pie menu to go into edge, vertices or face mode.

  4. I can’t find the way to switch to object mode in pie menu.


No, Afaik, we can’t change snapping settings while move tool is active.

Use this code in Command tab:

bpy.ops.view3d.snap_cursor_to_active(); bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode='OBJECT'); bpy.ops.object.origin_set(type='ORIGIN_CURSOR'); bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode='EDIT')

You can find the code here. Use it in Command tab.


Other object mode names.

You rock Roaoao! Thanks! Pie Menu changed my life (as far as Blender is concerned)

@roaoao The command you gave me to snap the origin doesn’t work with vertices. Its good for edges and faces though. Any suggestions? Thanks

Works for me. Please post a screenshot.