Pie Menu Editor 1.17.2

Not sure, I’ll try to find some way.

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Hi @roaoao,

Thanks for your great addon. One question can a sticky key finish a modal operator like brush radius scaling or scaling in general?

No, unfortunately.

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I found a hacky solution that involves sending an enter keypress on release. For that I installed a python module with pip called keyboard and use it in an external script:

import keyboard
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What code should I use to make a text box/field wider? @roaoao

Try to use this code in Custom tab:

row = L.row(align=True); row.scale_x = 1.5; row.label(text=C.object.name)

@roaoao Is there a way to add sub/parented panels like this to a panel group? Like this;

This has probably been asked before, but how do I set a hotkey/pie button for something like Set Offset From Cursor, as well as Reload (reload blend file in Outliner)?

These only seem to work when the mouse is over the Properties or Outliner, respectively.



Where I can find this panel?

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Some operators require extra context data. You can add data to the context using context_pointer_set(name, data) function in Custom tab.
Eg. Set Offset From Cursor operator requires a collection.

L.context_pointer_set("collection", D.collections["Collection"]); L.operator("object.instance_offset_from_cursor")

Reload operator works only in Outliner.


OK, so then one would need to create an external script to be able to get the name of the current collection, to make the Set Offset From Cursor operator actually useful as a shortcut. And I noticed that selecting on Object belonging to a Collection won’t actually make the Collection active. Collections are only activated in the Outliner by clicking on them… hmm.

I tried a few things but couldn’t get it to work. The farthest I got was figuring out that


will give you the name of the Collection that the selected object belongs to. But I don’t know how to implement it via PME or an external script.

It’s a panel in my own addon. Using the parented panels bl_parent_id

This is the addon:
batex-master.zip (16.5 KB)

I really like the way the settings panel stays collapsed and minimised and acts as a sub panel to the main panel. I was just wondering whether it’s possible to translate this into my pme panel group?


You can use Regular Menu to select a collection for the tool.
This code generates a list of available collections (Custom tab):

[(globals().update(row=L.row()), row.context_pointer_set("collection", collection), operator(row, "object.instance_offset_from_cursor", text=collection.name)) for collection in C.object.users_collection]

Will try to add this feature in the next version.

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That would be fantastic, thanks! You’re too good, we don’t deserve you :heart_eyes:

Hello! I’ve been playing with pie menu editor, this thing is awesome. I was searching for a way to have separate menu for object mode and edit mode and saw that it should have Mesh in value field, but that does not seem to work in Blender 2.8

This is how you define the context:

Definitely works in 2.80. Maybe check you’re on the latest version :slight_smile:

Oh nice. I’ll check my versions. Cause I didn’t have the Mesh option there. Also maybe you happen to know how to define difference between object and edit mode. Because the toggle only switches between these 2 modes but not only to edit mode or object mode. Like the pie menu under ctrl tab has

bug 1.16.4:
I’m finding that un-checking pme items does not disable the item. For example, if I uncheck a stack-key, it will still work as if active.

EDIT: Actually this maybe a blender bug… same occurs in keymap prefs.

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I’ve got a lot of pie menus for different modes set to my Tab (Drag), so pressing Tab just toggles between edit and object mode. It’s great this way, but: in Sculpt (and particle) mode it goes into Edit mode on the first press, and object mode on the second, which is a problem with very heavy sculpts. So I add a Stack Key that maps Tab (Click) only in those modes, to go straight to Object mode.
This works great, except: now Tab in Object mode no longer works.

As you can see, this should not be the case, as my Stack Key is only meant to function in Particle and Sculpt mode, any idea why this is overriding the default Tab?

I also tried to add another Stack Key for Object mode, which works great, except… now my stack key for Sculpt mode no longer functions :man_facepalming:

I’m lost, any idea?

I’ve linked to my Export on my Github here: https://github.com/Michaelknubben/Blender-PME/blob/master/Peamenus_BL28.json
If anyone wants to use any of my menus, feel free! I’ll add some images showing what it all does soon, but I’ve only just made this public.

edit: ffs. It also broke my Gpencil pie:

I should add that this is 2.81 beta

On another note: having all the active tools listed under the Keymap Context is just such a drag. Could you separate those out into a list at the bottom of the dropdown?

edit: This is happening with a lot of stuff. I also just noticed it with the Proportional pie. Set to Click Drag, but still the regular O hotkey is being blocked…

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